5 BENEFITSof using Magna5 Cloud Services


Business needs change quickly, and business owners need to be agile and prepared for change. Cloud UC provides the ability to scale your system needs up or down.


The ability to synchronize a soft client application with email, call forwarding, instant messaging and video conferencing, allowing users to access corporate features, like they’re working from the office, and can be installed on a laptop, mobile device or tablet.

Equips the Changing Workforce.

Cloud UC equips the millennial workforce with the real-time collaboration methods and flexibility that fosters their communication needs.

Reduce IT Pressure.

A Cloud UC Solution takes pressure off information technology and administrative staff, reduces long-term investments and increases productivity and mobility of employees.


For organizations with multiple locations, collaboration allows employees to share screens and video, bridging the divide between offices. UCC, or Unified Communications and Collaboration, brings together the different methods of business communications, such as IM, audio and video, into one robust tool.

IP PBX Solutions

An IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution is essentially a business telephone system designed to deliver voice over an internet connection. Companies using this service have two options: a premise-based or a Cloud UC solution.

Today’s Cloud UC systems are far less expensive to purchase, install and maintain than earlier versions. Benefits are proven and integration into existing business networks and systems. This makes it simple to add new technology and features when they become available. It also allows businesses to better manage their telecommunications costs, moving to an operational expense model, versus having to budget for likely capital expenditures.

Is UCaaS right for your business?

Transitioning from an older, traditional telephone system to Cloud UC can provide considerable savings over time, and make telephony costs more predictable. Monthly per seat costs include upgrades, versus a traditional PBX, where businesses can expect to pay an annual maintenance fee to have upgrades available to them. Advanced features, such as web management, collaboration and mobility features bring increased productivity to the market, keeping employees connected, regardless of their location.

Cloud UC provides a highly scalable platform and is a solution that will grow with your business.


With the Magna5’s Cloud Services offerings, organizations of all sizes have access to a full suite of Voice, Data, and Internet solutions leveraging the benefits of a hosted environment.

The benefits of cloud services are rapidly becoming apparent; you no longer have to worry about large up-front capital expenditures, unexpected and unbudgeted hardware upgrades, or technology obsolescence. Because the physical equipment is managed by a service provider in a secure, network rich, carrier-class environment, the cloud helps you leverage the operational and budgetary benefits of a hosted environment, while delivering a scalable, flexible and cost effective solution. Increasingly, organizations around the world are migrating their applications and services into a hosted environment in order to compete in today’s business world.

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With a cloud call center solution from Magna5, callers will feel more like they are talking to a live agent. Imagine your automated agent being able to ask open ended questions to callers such as “How are you?” and getting accurate responses. Callers are ensured a dynamic call flow similar to if they were talking to a live representative.

Magna5 will create a solution customized to your needs, whether that’s varied capacity needs, or something else specific to your business so that this is a solution that is scalable and cost effective. Want to keep your legacy phone system? Magna5 is backed by engineers that are experienced at integrating legacy equipment into customer solutions.

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Cloud Contact Center Benefits:

  • Eliminates the hassles and expensive investments associated with operating and managing an on-premise call center
  • Protects you from equipment obsolescence and failure
  • Delivers scalable solutions to avoid paying for excess capacity
  • Reduces the need for large helpdesk operations and eliminates related hiring and training costs
  • Frees up your company’s internal resources to refocus on core competencies and growth
  • Expedites customers’ access to information they need
  • Call recording, Reporting, IVR, Work from home
  • Enables call quality and efficiency to be easily measured, and in turn, improved
  • Compatible with TDM and SIP Lines
  • Integrates with legacy systems or as full cloud solution
  • Open up additional capacity as needed and don’t pay for capacity that you do not use
  • Reduction in live agent time and cost
  • Dynamic call flow


Magna5 helps your business develop and maintain a presence on the Internet.

Shared website hosting is a cost-effective way to establish a presence on the Web. As the Internet has evolved, it has leveled the playing field for small businesses that can use the Web to gain advantages that at one time only big business enjoyed, such as the ability to reach customers around the globe.

Choose one of three web-hosting plans offered by Magna5 and launch your website site online.


Magna5 connects its customers with the largest email encryption community – eliminating the need for users to build their own directory of encryption keys, further simplifying the process of sending secure email in a timely manner.

Magna5 helps you select solutions best suited to meet your needs, whether you have complex regulatory and compliance needs of an enterprise client or a mid-sized business simply in need of a HIPAA compliant email solution, Magna5 has the solution set to support your unique business challenges.


Magna5 provides customers an enterprise class e-mail and collaboration solution – without the cost and issues of having to also managing it.

As a worldwide hosting service provider for Exchange, choosing Magna5 to host your Exchange e-mail services will save you money, and enable you to focus your critical IT resources on strategic initiatives to grow your company.

  • 24/7 Support: Dedicated, U.S.-based support by phone, live chat, or ticket.
  • Low Cost of Ownership: Cost predictability with no up-front investment.
  • Spam and Virus Protection: State-of-the-art filtering eliminates 98% of all spam.
  • Easy Data Migration: With our custom migration services, you can bring your data with you.
  • Daily Backups: Fully managed e-mail and collaboration service.
  • Scalability: Scale up or down as needed.
  • Team Collaboration via SharePoint: Free 100MB site with each Exchange account.
  • Gold Microsoft Certification: Our Exchange service is supported by Microsoft Certified Professionals.
  • Email Archiving

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