As another year comes to a close, people start to reflect on what has happened in the past 12 months and what they can do differently in the upcoming year. Many times, these reflections are revolved around money, health, and self-awareness. However, New Year’s Resolutions can be determined for your organization as well. As organizations are closing their books for 2017 to start a new year, it is important to revisit the wins and shortcomings that your business experienced – especially when it comes to the productivity of your IT.

We asked around to see what some common IT New Year’s Resolutions were for 2018 and here is what we came up with:

Protect Business Data

In 2017, organizations small and large had to face reality about the state of the threat landscape. Attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya left businesses struggling to recover unprotected data. Moreover, the costs that were associated with these attacks caused huge financial gaps for these organizations as well. In 2018, the attacks are only going to happen more frequently and in a more sophisticated manner. While traditional security tactics are necessary, they just don’t cut it when battling the current threat landscape. Organizations need to deepen their security programs by adding in a layered security approach that includes, preventative, detective, and incident response services.

Leverage Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies continue to get more apparent every single year. Even if you don’t think you are using the cloud in your current workforce, you most likely are by using third party hosted applications – time management applications, salesforce, etc. Cloud technologies are revolutionizing the way organizations are using data because of its inherent benefits – cost-effective, on-demand growth, flexibility, and accessible anywhere, at any time. The cloud has brought a simple and streamlined way that organizations can handle safe and secure recovery, security functions, and even voice services.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Business Communication remains important as we head into the new year – and now’s the time to take a look at your current Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)  plan – is it everything you need it to be? The great thing about UCC is its deep integration with the communication system you have set in place. UCC is more than just a phone system – it is also a set of tools that lets you broadcast your reachability status in real time. This can include everything from business phone systems to corporate mobile phones to video calling apps to collaboration. The important thing to remember is that UCC ensures fluid communication across all your chosen platforms. UCC lets all communication tools work seamlessly, and presence management leverages that technology to ensure people can reach you at all times. And in today’s business landscape, being reachable is key. So, as you round out your business resolutions, add UCC to the list.

Allow IT Employees to Focus on Business Not Maintenance

Many IT staffs are being bogged down by every day maintenance and tasks that focus is getting away from revenue generating, business projects. While organizations are adding new innovative technology (like detective security programs and monitoring) operational tasks are piling up. Many organizations are repointing their focus on business by offloading tedious tasks to a Managed Services Provider. A MSP works as an extension of your team to fill expertise gaps and handle tasks that your organization doesn’t have the budget, time or resources to handle internally. A MSP creates the ideal balance by combining internal and external resources to handle services like monitoring and maintenance, cloud hosting, data backup, security and much more.

Backup Data and systems offsite and off the network

As the world continues in a digitalization movement, data backup and recovery has become one of the most important and sought out services on the market today. Many organizations are not taking the proper steps to properly secure their mission critical data. If a disaster would occur, do you have a way that your organization can swing up a secure environment, so business can continue per usual and deadlines are not missed in lieu of downtime? As more organizations become targets to ransomware and malware attacks, it is important that data and critical systems are backed up offsite (and off the network), in a secure location that has a clear path to disaster recovery.


As 2017 comes to an end and 2018 quickly jumps into sight, it is time to reevaluate the efficiency and security of your IT operations. Getting ahead of operational inefficiencies for the upcoming year can mean better security, collaboration, and performance for 2018!

If you think your organization can be in need of efficient and secure IT Services, contact us today for more information.

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