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As business digitization trends skyrocket and become more apparent and necessary, organizations are taking major steps to support a mobile workforce. The use of technology has expanded exponentially, and the lines continue to blur on where employees are choosing to work – whether it is at home, on the road, or in a local coffeehouse. While this concept is not new to the industry, many organizations are still struggling to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their IT within their mobile workforce.

IDC predicts that by the end of 2020, mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters of the total U.S. workforce. When attempting to support these employees that work in remote offices, travel often or work from home, there are a number of challenges that IT departments are faced with; some of the largest being a lack of communication and the inability to bolster team collaboration.


The Answer? Magna5 Helps Your Mobile Workforce Become More Productive

One of the ways to mitigate these pitfalls is to incorporate cloud-based systems that help improve mobile workforce productivity. Cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) systems provide your mobile workforce with a highly integrated system that can get them on the road to success, and your company set for growth. 451Research predicted that by 2019 60% of all workloads will be in the cloud. These trends show that the future of the mobile workforce will be in a virtual computing environment, which is not location dependent.

Keaton Forrest Magna5 Mobile Workforce

Keaton Forrest, a strategic network consultant for Magna5, developed a Road Trip blog series highlighting the implementation of a cloud-based Unified Communications plan to drive your company’s mobile workforce – anytime, anywhere. In his series, he navigates the road to a cloud-based UC system using tools and solutions that Magna5 provides to help you get your mobile workforce engine performing on the road. Don’t worry – he didn’t forget the road trip playlist! Sing along to the great Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” while we discuss the mobile workforce.

A cloud-based solution allows your staff to achieve the connectivity and productivity they need, wherever and whenever they need it. Whether they’re in the war room or on a factory floor, visiting a customer’s site or even out playing golf with a prospect, your staff stays connected and productive. We are even seeing an increase in the use of powerful videoconferencing tools to host collaborative online meetings, webinars, and training sessions, almost as if the person was right there in the office.

Supporting your mobile employees to make smart connections with other employees, customers, vendors, partners is paramount to the success of your business. Magna5 offers a variety of tools, including Audio and Web Conference Services and IP PBX solutions. An IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution is essentially a business telephone system designed to deliver voice over an internet connection. Companies using this service have two options: a premise-based or a Cloud UC solution.

What is UCaaS?

Magna5’s UCaaS offering is a cloud-based phone system that helps your business improve reachability, bolster collaboration, and achieve better productivity. Spelled out, it’s Unified Communications as a Service. Traditional business communication platforms can become complicated and pricey rather quickly with their tough implementations and a lack of on-the-go features. With UCaaS, business communications are simplified with deep integration to promote and ensure a better flow of business operations for the mobile workforce.

At Magna5, consistent communications for our mobile customers is top priority. Our unified communications and collaboration platforms simply banish difficult and traditional ways to communicate. When your team consists of a variety of people who rarely see each other in person, collaboration can often become quickly forgotten about. One of the reasons team members fail to collaborate is due to the fact that they don’t have a consistent and easy way to communicate.

UCaaS emphasizes team collaboration and allows employees to connect anywhere, and at any time. With today’s ever-changing business landscape, reachability is key. By taking advantage of instant messaging, web conferencing, and real-time status indications, your employees achieve the ultimate business productivity. Here’s the top five features of UCaaS:

  • Web Conferencing Solutions: As the mobile workforce deepens, it becomes harder for employees to meet face to face. In the UCaaS environment, the web conferencing solutions allow you to have instant access to in-depth meetings with employees or customers in real-time. This can eliminate travel expenses and increase collaboration.
  • Simple Conference Scheduling: Scheduling meetings for a set time in the future is as easy as a few clicks and it seamlessly integrates with today’s most popular platforms, such as Microsoft and Google.
  • Instant Messaging: While a lot of us remember the era of where instant messaging was a way to get a hold of friends to talk faster and quicker – it is by far one of the most popular ways to communicate in the business environment. Moreover, the UCaaS desktop and mobile application allows users to make on-the-spot phone calls to users in your network.
  • Status Indications: When business happens, it often happens quick. Being able to reach the appropriate individuals when and where you need them is important. With status indicators you will be able to see who is available, on a call, or in a meeting. This way, you can redirect communication accordingly.
  • Real-time Contact Solutions: With real-time contact solutions you can instantly be in connect with your business employees anywhere and at any time. These mobility features can be installed on a laptop, mobile device and tablets.

The Magna5 Difference

Magna5 is focused on addressing the trends of the mobile workforce with dedicated and high-capacity connectivity and a growing footprint to secure cloud-based systems. Cloud-based mobility solutions make telephony costs more predictable and enhance your employee connections and collaboration, regardless of their location.

As Keaton Forrest said on that proverbial UC Road Trip, a Unified Communications plan can significantly benefit the mobile workforce in your company – and have everyone on the road to success. Your mobile workforce is always on the go, they’re pretty much available anytime, anywhere and often they’re a big key to your company’s future growth. And the key to making your mobile workforce work is providing them a unified communications platform that can keep up with the on-the-go kind of work style that these road warriors bring to the table.

Trust Magna5 to provide a highly scalable platform with a solution that will grow with your business. How can Magna5 help your mobile workforce connect? Contact us today.

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