Are traditional voice solutions holding back your IT agility and employee productivity? Ensure productivity with Cloud-based Unified Communications

No matter what type of industry you are in, or whether you are a SMB or enterprise-level organization, the one business aspect you can’t afford to ignore is the communications you have with your customers, vendors, partners, and fellow employees. All types of organizations are adopting one reliable solution to meet their communication needs – a cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solution.

At Magna5, our Unified Communications and network solutions are backed by outstanding support, and eliminates the hassle and expense associated with operating and managing traditional solutions. Unified Communications is essentially a business telephone system designed to deliver voice over a secure internet connection. Today’s cloud communications systems are far less expensive to install and manage because of their streamlined features and integration abilities. This model allows organizations to enhance their collaboration while embracing the fluctuations of the ever-changing business landscape with Magna5 Unified Communications.

Here are the top 5 reasons your organization needs Unified Communications:


Quality and affordability often don’t go together, and many times cause organizations to make the wrong choices when they are deciding on communications systems. It’s time to see the light and eliminate the high costs of traditional phone systems. Thanks to modern cloud-based unified communications solutions you can achieve quality while staying within your budgetary constraints. When considering the costs of your current solution – services, equipment, staffing, upgrades, etc. – one can be shocked at the monthly investment. A full-service, cloud-based solution moves the usual high-cost capital expenditures to an operational expense model. And this includes all features such as auto-attendants, video conferencing, mobility, instant messaging, and more! Quality and affordability in one singular package to maximize costs and boost collaboration.


It can be hard for organizations to plan for growth – especially when it comes to expensive technology investments. Many organizations plan for the now but forget to consider what could happen in six months, a year, or five years down the road. A Unified Communications solution can eliminate these worries because of the inherent scalability features. Within your UC solution, you can easily scale up or down – adding or removing employees, services or equipment.


Unified Communications opens the door of unlimited collaboration within your employees with features such as video chatting, live chat, and web conferencing through a secure portal. These services enhance your employees to meet, collaborate and share from any place, at any time!

Business Continuity

A Unified Communications system can help your organization ensure communication continues during a disaster scenario. A disaster can strike at any time – organizations must be prepared and have a way that employees can communicate to customers, partners, vendors and each other. With a UC solution, communications can remain because features are accessed through a secure, online portal. You can forward your calls to another number, place calls from any device, and retrieve voicemails. Ensure peace of mind that you can continue business communications during a disaster.


The mobile workforce has expanded exponentially due to the innovation of technology and the creation of enhanced cloud applications. While this isn’t a new concept to the industry, many organizations still struggle to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their IT within the mobile workforce. With Unified Communications, you no longer need to be chained to your office – take calls, live chat and video chat on the go with any device!

Magna5’s cloud-based Unified Communications solutions offer robust mobility integrations, easy management, budget friendly operational costs, and scalability that ensures your business can make connections, no matter where business takes place or where your employees are located. Ensure business-wide peace of mind with Magna5’s cloud-based Unified Communications solutions. Contact us today for a free demo by one of our experts!

Cloud-based Unified Communications Demo
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