Don’t let your traditional backup solution hold your organization back from secure data management and protection.

Protecting your data is critical for business success. Yet, many businesses struggle to meet the demands of today’s modern data center with legacy backup and recovery methods. As businesses today experience rapid data growth with more connected devices, increasing infrastructure complexity, and new strategic initiatives including cloud, compliance like GDPR, and mobility, backup is becoming imperative.

These new complexities complicate the ways that organizations once looked at data backup and recovery. Traditional methods are losing their grip on how to properly manage and protect organizations’ most critical assets. Backups aren’t being completed within backup windows, there’s too much redundancy causing skyrocketing timeframes, and the manual intervention is overloading IT staffs.

To help determine if your environment needs a more modern approach to backup and recovery, we put some helpful tips together. If you are experiencing any of these, it might be time to re-evaluate your data protection strategy.

Utilizing multiple pinpoint solutions

As your infrastructure grows, and your data silos continue to develop, organizations start to use multiple pinpoint solutions. Most applications have their own solution for backup, but over time, these various backup tools can consume hours of management and are often flawed. When the time comes and you need to recover that data, you’ll want a congruent solution that will ensure total data and recovery completion. A modern data backup and recovery solution in the cloud will streamline the process, and optimize every application and environment in a single solution.

Limited visibility

Many traditional solutions don’t supply the visibility needed for modern businesses. Visibility to your data is paramount to understanding what data you have, where it is and how to recover it. Having this knowledge can lead to better management, drive data management policies, and support compliance. This will lead to an overall faster RTO (Recovery Time Objective) since you have instant access to what you need. It enables you to recover certain data types and applications faster.

Dependent on on-site

Having a copy of your data on-site can make sense, however, this isn’t establishing total protection. There are many cases where on-site backups can get compromised – a natural disaster hits your building, ransomware spreads through your environment, a disgruntled employee attempts internal theft. To ensure total protection, your data needs to be stored off-site and disconnected from any variables that could disrupt the integrity of your critical assets.

Not powered by the cloud

The cloud has changed the way that organizations tackle data backup and disaster recovery. It allows for more flexibility and better control over where your data is protected. Recover full virtual machines (VMs) with live recovery options, backup to and in the cloud, utilize snapshot management, and allow for workload portability across physical, virtual and cloud platforms. A cloud data backup solution can ensure you get the most out of your cloud investment by optimizing provisioning, accelerating delivery, and turning your public or hybrid cloud into a natural extension of a data center, without the capital expense.

Too much manual intervention

Most likely, your IT staff is already short staffed and overworked on daily operations and strategic projects. When your data protection strategy takes manual configuration, management and babysitting, valuable time is getting stripped from your team that could be allocated in other ways. A fully managed solution can ensure that your data is being fully protected and maintained properly by expert engineers. If a disaster happened at night or on a holiday, do you have someone on your team readily available to start the recovery process? With a modern backup and recovery solution, you’re provided with the tools that automate certain processes that can eliminate the manual intervention off your team.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, now is the time call Magna5 about their cloud data backup and recovery solution. They can help your organization implement and manage a best-of-breed solution that brings together a fully-staffed, 24/7/365 operations center and backup technology. With today’s complex business challenges lurking at your organization’s front door, it is important to have a versatile and secure cloud data backup management plan in place.

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