The always-on business is becoming an industry standard; ensure high availability with these proactive services

Consumers and businesses alike have developed the expectation of 24/7/365 access to data and applications from their vendors and partners. These high availability standards have paved the way to the expectation of an always-on business model. On top of these demands, the nature of business for many organizations require that they must be always-on. For example, if a food manufacturer were to experience an event that took their systems offline for an extended period of time, they could experience loss of sales, inventory, and profits because of food perishing or the inability to make necessary deliveries. 

Organizations in the “always-on” era cannot afford to experience lengthy periods of downtime simply because customers will not tolerate a lower level of availability. Customers want and need to access data and applications anytime, anywhere. To ensure this happens, organizations need to proactively protect and maintain the efficiency of their IT systems and performance. Here are a few ways that you can do that:

Cloud Services

The cloud has brought so many benefits to organizations, from the SMB market to large enterprise businesses. The cloud allows instant access to data anytime, from virtually any location. The move to a cloud-driven workforce has simplified data and application access for organizations that have multiple sites, as well as remote workers. Moreover, the cloud has brought cost-savings by providing businesses with a pay-as-you-grow model that eliminates infrastructure costs. On-demand access to your data and applications creates high efficiency and better service to customers.

Business Communications – UCaaS

Uninterrupted communications with customers, vendors, and employees are paramount to the success of your business. What would happen if your business phone system went down, and your customers couldn’t contact you about critical issues? A cloud-based business phone system can ensure continuous communications, even during a disaster. With a cloud UC solution, communications remain because the phone system resides in a redundant data center, and features are accessed through a secure, online portal where you can forward calls to another number, place calls from any device utilizing a soft phone application, and retrieve voicemails. If a localized event were to occur, UCaaS has you covered. 

Proactive Monitoring and Management

Gaining visibility into your network performance and health with proactive monitoring and management can ensure that your business will be always-on. With a network operations center’s eyes continuously watching the IT environment, organizations are able to address minor issues, before they become system-wide problems that equate to large amounts of downtime. Organizations will experience better uptimes and improve customer service and profits because their IT systems will run more efficiently, and will have continuous access. 

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

To ensure the always-on organization, businesses have to protect themselves from the worst case scenario, a disaster. A disaster can happen in many forms – natural disaster, power outage, system failure, data breach, and the list goes on. Downtime can be quite expensive to your bottom line when you start to consider things such as, remediation costs, reputational damage, customer loss, loss of productivity and that’s just the start of it. Your employees will not have access to mission-critical systems to finish their necessary daily operations. To stay always-on, you need a cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery solution. Making sure that you have a reliable and scalable solution can ensure that your data and systems will always be protected after a disaster strikes.

Does your business require “always-on” or 100% availability? If so, contact Magna5 to see what services we can offer to ensure your business is “always-on”.

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