Prevent threats with Anti-Virus Protection Management

Reduce risk with powerful anti-virus management

Your team is challenged by the increasing number of alerts that need to be validated and acted on before an attack happens, and your traditional anti-virus is simply not keeping up. Minimizing risk in your organization is a tough task, especially when you don’t have the staff or expertise on your side. With Anti-Virus Protection Management from Magna5, you can dramatically reduce the effort required to stop threats that target your endpoints and end-users.

One of the highest priorities in today’s corporate world is staying ahead of the constantly evolving and sophisticated threats. Magna5, powered by Bitdefender software, delivers the best mix of protection, performance, and manageability because of their constant innovation and threat intelligence.


Why Magna5 Anti-Virus Protection?

Next-generation protection

Next-generation Anti-Virus Protection is built to better protect organizations from today’s threat landscape. It uses intelligent learning mechanisms to deliver threat intelligence in less than 3 seconds anywhere in the world. The Endpoint Security Tools adapt to physical or virtual environments seamlessly to deliver the best performance across your system.

Improved manageability

Anti-Virus Protection Management is integrated into Magna5’s monitoring portal to increase visibility and improve manageability. On one single view, our team is able to see the status of your devices and if an event has taken place. With this, we are able to manage your systems more efficiently and can quickly take action if a situation were to occur. Complete your network monitoring and management platform with a holistic approach to 24/7/365 security.


Learn about how much a data breach could cost your organization.


See how Magna5 can transform your endpoint security.

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