In the past, organizations had to rely on manual backup and recovery options. This required backing up your data to physical server tapes then physically shipping them offsite – hoping that you never had the need to use them because that would require retrieving the tapes and reversing the process. Moreover, if you wanted a more functional backup and recovery solution, modern options were extremely expensive and required a secondary – and expensive – site owned by the customer. Due to the increase in cloud computing and the increasing threat landscape, the industry has eliminated pesky traditional methodologies and evolved necessary data protection precautions to a simpler format – backup as a service.

Cloud computing has revolutionized backup and disaster recovery solutions for organizations of all sizes. Before the cloud, backup and disaster recovery was seen as a luxury item that SMB organizations couldn’t fathom to achieve within their budgetary constraints. With the introduction of the cloud, MSPs like Magna5, can offer Backup as a Service for a fraction of the price without sacrificing the security of your environment and data.

How does Backup as a service work?

Backup as a service combines infrastructure resources with remote management services offered by a MSP. This structure allows for modern backup and recovery solutions that quickly breaks down barriers like cost, availability and functionality. The cloud is used to transfer an organization’s data over a secured connection to the MSP’s data center. This system allows for accessible data backups onsite and creates the path for secure disaster recovery offsite. Organizations save by eliminating overhead costs while experiencing the inherent on-demand and scalable benefits of the cloud – and it is all managed 24/7/365 by an IT Service Provider that has your organization’s best interest in mind.

Backup as a service benefits:

  • The primary benefit of backup as a service is that companies do not need to build their own infrastructure to support disaster recovery processes. Instead, they rely on the managed services provider’s cloud infrastructure to handle their data.
  • Backup as a service is extremely elastic. You do not have to worry about having your own storage and equipment in a data center facility, especially one you may not use very often. With this model, you can easily scale up and down by only paying for your exact data usage.
  • Cloud backup as a service solutions work with virtualized infrastructure. This enables you to back up data and applications at the VM level which simplifies the backup process and speeds up recovery timeframes.
  • Backup as a service is fully managed, 24/7/365 by a MSP. When a disaster strikes, you have a partner that is experienced in recovering backups and getting organizations back up and running as smooth as possible, with minimal downtime.
  • Backup as a service supports organizations that rely on quick recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs). Because remote cloud services offer both cloud computing and storage resources, both applications and data can be remotely replicated. Applications in the cloud can failover quickly in the event of a disaster. This allows companies to have the ability to immediately restore data from the cloud environment to a local site.
  • You mustn’t forget security as well. Backup as a service will always encrypt the organization’s data to ensure secure data transferring; along with compression and deduplication services. While data resides at an offsite location – and unconnected to your network – your data will be safe from the newest ransomware campaign, hardware failure, or network outage.


How Magna5 can Help

One of the most important things to remember when it comes down to your backup and recovery solution is testing. Backup as a service enables the provider to easily plan and test for any issues that could come up. A provider will support any issues that arise, 24/7/365. Have peace of mind that your organization is supported all day and night, weekends and holidays. Sometimes the peace of mind is well worth the investment alone. Is your organization struggling to meet their backup requirements or relying on a traditional service that isn’t keeping up with the evolving landscape? Contact Magna5 about their Backup as a service solution for better protection and flexibility!

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