Gain visibility, control and security of your network in a singular solution

Networks are getting more complicated and bandwidth is getting more strained. As more and more cloud-based devices and applications become solely network dependent, IT professionals seek network simplicity.

The main goal of Cloud Managed Network is just that – simplifying the network without skimping on security or control. In this quick 2-minute video, we discuss the benefits of Cloud Managed Network.

As you see in the video, sometimes network complexity can make you want to go back to the antiquated days of pen and paper. However, Cloud Managed Network eliminates these pains by enabling organizations to save money and efficiently service connectivity requirements more quickly.

Cost savings and serviceability are made possible by enabling business logic into your WAN. Decisions about how traffic can route between sites in the WAN are defined by policies that reflect your business needs. Behavior will adapt to the condition of the WAN as opposed to having a fixed configuration.

Cloud Managed Network achieves this efficiency through integrated security measures, quality of service focus, application optimization and resilience. A unique combination of these are used to ensure your complex network is operating at optimized outputs so your employees can work more efficiently. Here are some of the other benefits of Cloud Managed Network:

Greater visibility into your network

Cloud Managed Network gives a single pane of glass environment where you can see all network users, devices and applications. We can configure network settings, including usage policies and permissions, to control when and where bandwidth is being utilized. Cloud Managed Network is delivered over the cloud so admins can control devices through a singular dashboard to eliminate time traveling from site to site.

Application control

Cloud Managed Network identifies all applications running on your network. Bandwidth limitation policies can be set to ensure critical applications are prioritized before others. For example, the person watching Netflix in the breakroom will be prioritized below the person making an important sales call on your unified communications phone system.

Enhanced security

Cloud Managed Network has built-in security features like stateful firewall, integrated intrusion prevention system and content filtering to keep networks secure. It also includes auto VPN to securely connect branch locations to each other and the data center. Security settings are simple to activate at all locations and are updated constantly to ensure total protection from the latest vulnerabilities.

Proactive network management

24/7/365 engineers proactively monitor and manage your network and devices to eliminate issues that could cause costly downtime. Managed services providers work as an extension of your team to monitor, locate and correct network issues – no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Cloud Managed Network helps organizations keep their complex network less complex. Built-in security, policy enforcement, centralized management and application control ensure your network can run more efficiently. If you need help making your complex, bandwidth-intensive network simpler, contact Magna5 today.

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