By: Amanda Wheeler

Magna5 Product Manager


Magna5 helps your business customers connect with you when they need to the most: Anytime. Anywhere.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is gaining traction in the SMB market. UCC is more than just a phone system – it is also a set of tools that lets you broadcast your reachability status in real time.

The great thing about UCC is its deep integration with the communication system you have set in place. This can include everything from business phone systems to corporate mobile phones to video calling apps to collaboration. The important thing to remember is that UCC ensures fluid communication across all your chosen platforms. UCC lets all communication tools work seamlessly, and presence management leverages that technology to ensure people can reach you at all times. And in today’s business landscape, being reachable is key.

Five Benefits of Integrated Presence Management & Unified Communications

Status Indications. Anyone using your presence management platform can easily see who’s available, the best way to reach them and redirect communication accordingly.

Real-Time Contact Solutions. Ideal presence management platforms will be able to easily detect the best way to reach an individual within your unified communications system.

Better Web Conferencing Solutions. Unfortunately, business owners and executives can’t always meet face to face. In the UCC environment, web conferencing solutions allow you to have in-depth meetings with clients and work associates in real time, reducing travel expenses related to in-person meetings.

Take Advantage of Instant Messaging. Instant messaging (IM) is among the most popular, and easiest ways to communicate within a business environment. Additionally, the latest versions of IM apps allow users to make phone calls, making business communication more convenient than ever.

Conference Scheduling Made Easy. Many of today’s businesses are deeply integrated with Microsoft Office-based solutions. Presence management within a UCC environment allows businesses to seamlessly schedule conferencing appointments, and manage business-specific scheduling within the Microsoft platform.

Consolidate to Connect

The big idea behind presence management and UCC integration is consolidation. Business communication platforms can become complicated quickly. Anything that slows down communication also slows down business. UCC with presence integration simplifies all business communication processes so that both the flow of communication and business operations run smoothly.

To get help consolidating your business communication platforms, reach out to Magna5 today!

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