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The “cloud” is a next-generation configuration of hardware, networks, storage, services and interfaces that allows you to access data from any device, no matter where you are. Guided by our expertise, Magna5 clients use our cloud computing services to work smarter, faster and more competitively. The flexibility of moving to the cloud appeals to them because of the inherent flexibility, elasticity, ability to scale up or down, easy billing and usage metering and other advantages.


There’s a lot of buzz about cloud services and moving to the cloud. Do you understand it all? Do you have time to understand it all? And, really, despite the buzz of it all … wouldn’t you rather spend your time focusing on your business?

At Magna5, we’ve have years of expertise and focus them on delivering and protecting IT infrastructures as they change with new technologies, advancing threats; adjusting to the changing demands of businesses today. We have IT equipment in several secure data centers designed to securely deliver hosted servers, data backup and disaster recovery options, leaving you to handle important business needs.

Cloud Services deliver inherent benefits to organizations, large and small. You will be able to experience…

Cost Savings

Predict monthly operational expenses while avoiding expensive capital purchases.

Risk Mitigation

Comply with internal policies and government regulations.


Respond to change faster with infrastructures configured to meet current and future needs.


Prevent unplanned downtime through resilient architectures.


Magna5 offers multiple hosted cloud services that can fit any organization’s hosting needs and specifications. Several clients opted to move their entire infrastructure to a public cloud that we provide or have us build a private cloud solution for them. Some businesses may not be comfortable storing all of their data and applications in a public cloud for a variety of reasons; security, compliance needs and end user performance requirements. This calls for a hybrid cloud solution. In this model, private and public infrastructures remain unique entities, but are connected through standardized technology that allows data and application portability. Receive on-demand hybrid cloud scalability and maintain sensitive data behind your firewall.

Private Cloud
The private cloud and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) solution is a flexible, scalable single-tenant environment with fully dedicated infrastructure provisioned exclusively for your organization. Private clouds are ideal when you have large computing and storage requirements, strict security and compliance needs, or want to speed innovation. We can provide dedicated Private Cloud Infrastructure as a monthly subscription service.

Hybrid Cloud

In the Hybrid Cloud model, private and public cloud computing infrastructures remain unique entities, but are connected through standardized technology that allows data and application portability. Magna5 uses this flexible Hybrid approach to give on demand public cloud scalability and still maintain sensitive data behind firewalls on a private cloud.

Cloud Service
This is what we consider “IT as a Utility.” The Magna5 Cloud Service combines our own infrastructure from two data centers in Pittsburgh, PA, 24×7 Help Desk, Advanced Managed IT Services, and cloud to offer you true IT agility, efficiency, and cost savings of the public cloud. Magna5 can dramatically improve your equipment utilization and energy efficiency while substantially reducing IT costs and operational waste across your entire organization.

“Magna5’s Data Protection Service allowed Galliker’s Dairy to quickly and efficiently move from doing traditional on-site selection based server tape backups to doing off-site cloud-based backups of our entire server infrastructure.”


Bill Livingston
Galliker’s Dairy

Access your data anywhere, from any device with Magna5 Cloud Services

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