It’s no longer if, it’s when your organization will be breached. Are you prepared to properly manage risk, threats, and compliance?

We hosted a Cybersecurity breakfast in Troy, NY earlier this week where we presented the many challenges that organizations are facing today with cybersecurity, in particular, risk and compliance.

For many, the topic of cybersecurity seems like a grey area. With the threat landscape constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated, how does a company with limited staff, resources, and expertise keep up? However, the message that our speakers shared at the event was crystal clear.

Cybersecurity is here for the long haul – get your data protected today.

During the presentations, we covered two main topics: the importance of Risk Assessments and why organizations need Threat Detection and Response.

Risk Assessments are the first step

Cybersecurity is a daunting task for many. All organizations are different, and cybersecurity initiatives are not one-size-fits-all. Many organizations face barriers that stump the growth of their cybersecurity posture, whether it’s their budget, expertise, or knowledge of their own environment. Organizations often feel that because of this, they can’t properly move forward with security. But, the time has to be now for cybersecurity. The threat landscape is getting more challenging by the day and there is no time like the present to start securing your mission-critical data.

A good place to start your security journey is developing your data, infrastructure, and business goals so you can perform a risk assessment. Your threats and risks could very well be different than the competitor company down the street with similar specs. When you start to pinpoint the risks your organization is facing, you can start to narrow down the type of security services your organization needs.

Why you need Threat Detection and Response

There is a true attacker versus defender dilemma happening today. Attackers only need to find one point of weakness in a network environment. However, defender’s must protect against all the possible attack methods. They have to fortify their perimeter, which is traditionally cumbersome and expensive. It often requires companies to pile on multiple layers of security tools, and expertise that they don’t have as there is a shortage of talent in IT security.

The attacker can make any move at will and sometimes waits for the perfect moment before attacking. However, the defender must consider every moment as a moment where an attack can occur. For most companies, this can be a problem for system administrators, who must always monitor their systems, review log files, and look for and defend against attacks. Because of this dilemma, truly managed, 24/7/365, threat detection and response is crucial to the success of an organization.

Our security partner Alienvault uses this analogy to describe an organization’s potential threats:

Imagine you are the lord of a castle. You have many defenses at your disposal: archers on the battlements, a deep moat full of water, a drawbridge, and thick walls of stone. As the defender, you must have guards on duty constantly patrolling the walls, the drawbridge up, men guarding the gate, and archers well-armed. You must be prepared to fight fires started by flaming arrows, and you must also make sure the castle is well-stocked with supplies in case of a siege. The attacker, on the other hand, need only to spy on the castle to look for one weak point, one point that is not well-defended.

Are you prepared for a potential breach? Schedule a call with one of Magna5’s security experts for an assessment for your organization. 


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