5 BENEFITSof using Magna5's Data Center Services

We Go to Extremes.

Our data center locations are designed to withstand extreme weather events and prevent unauthorized contacts from accessing your data center space.

Prevent Single Points of Failure.

Magna5 data centers are designed to prevent “single points of failure” that can reduce availability of your infrastructure and impact the quality of end-users’ experiences, utilizing power management, power monitoring, advanced fire suppression, and HVAC systems.

Network Connectivity.

Though a carrier with full voice and data offerings, the Magna5 data centers are carrier-neutral. We leverage our geographical diversity to provide customers with failover and redundancy capabilities.

Customer Support.

You can rely on our experience and support team to handle anything from the most routine issues, to the most challenging network upgrades, or migrations. Our team of professionals is here to fully support you.

Single Bill.

All related data center services that your business requires are handled through a single invoice. Turn-key data center service.

Magna5’s state-of-the-art technologies, people and processes, IT infrastructure, and data center architecture lower business costs, mitigate risk, and help your business execute your data center strategies.

Whether you have a large-scale enterprise initiative or a smaller yet critical need, Magna5 offers a broad selection of data center products and services, as well as the specialized expertise necessary to effectively manage data center assets.


Disaster recovery, off-site data storage, network housing – Magna5’s co-location service saves the time and expense of building and maintaining a network for your server(s). Magna5’s data centers provide a secure, dedicated environment to colocate your servers, networking, and voice equipment, with a high degree of control, visibility, and the ability to establish duplicate environments for redundancy. Whether you require colocation services or a range of managed hosting or cloud enabled solutions, Magna5 helps your business build and manage your environment.

With colocation service from Magna5, your business has access to a high-speed Internet connection, redundant power supply, high-efficiency cooling systems, remote power capability, and security measures.

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When it comes to disaster recovery, taking a proactive planning approach is essential, and a complete solution requires choices.

Magna5 provisions circuits and/or IP Addresses from multiple carriers to provide true network diversity for a customer. If one path, facility, or entire network experiences a failure there is a completely separate network available for the failover. This can all be designed, provisioned and billed as one solution from Magna5.

The increase in various threats that include hackers, cyber-terrorists, natural and man-made disasters, have all played their part in bringing increased awareness to all businesses, government agencies, higher education and wholesale partners on the importance of business continuity planning.

Disruption of business from any type of event, natural or man-made, accidental or intentional, internal or external, with or without prior warning could immediately impact employees, operations, and customers.

Magna5 provides solutions from a variety of underlying carrier networks and technologies to ensure continuity in times of outages.

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Voice Solutions

Toll Free Solutions

Having more than one underlying carrier originating your toll-free calls helps mitigate and eliminate potential downtime.

Local SIP & Traditional Voice Solutions

Get voice service with 99.999% reliability. Whether you have already migrated to SIP Trunking or still utilize Traditional Voice PRIs, Magna5’s web portal, offers a simple phone number re-route solution.

Hosted Voice Solutions

Enterprise-level communications solutions keep your business running in the cloud, allowing you to stay in touch with your customers during weather emergencies and power outages through features such as simultaneous ring, voicemail to email and more. Thanks to Hosted Voice, you can work remotely from any internet connection and never miss a business critical call or message.

Redundancy, Diversity & Carrier Solutions

(SIP & Traditional Technologies)


Having more than one circuit and/or IP Address provisioned for the purpose of either traffic overflow or standby, with one having the ability to failover to the other if either should go down.


Having more than one circuit and/or IP Address provisioned over different paths. This design is intended to separate the physical paths of the TDM circuits or IP Address.

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