Data Risk Intelligence

When a data breach happens to your organization, do you know how much it will cost?

Find your security number. Data Risk Intelligence helps you better understand your real-time, total risk exposure and communicate a dollar amount that C-suites will better understand. Be able to provide evidence of the impact to business managers by justifying resources and focus your team on remediating the highest-risk assets.

Streamline breach decisions. Complexity is the enemy of security. Magna5 has the knowledge to predict, prevent and present data breach risk with one easily deployed platform. Data risk intelligence can rapidly discover three different types of threats: sensitive data, vulnerabilities, and access permissions.

How Does Data Risk Intelligence Work?

Easily discover unprotected data, vulnerabilities, and access permissions with triple-threat detection from Magna5. The Data Risk Intelligence scan is non-intrusive and capable of processing millions of devices, including servers, desktops / laptops, and mobile devices for unprotected data.

Each scanned device will get a report detailing unprotected data and vulnerabilities that are found. Every vulnerability found will have an associated dollar amount that reflects a possible cost if this vulnerability was exploited. These costs provide a simple benchmark for improvement that can be made and which vulnerabilities need resolved quicker.

You can evaluate the real-time data on the risk intelligence reports. Customized metrics can be used for strategic decisions and to present to business leaders to support evaluations of critical system security.

Key Uses of Data Risk Intelligence Include:

  • Locate all your sensitive data and minimize your exposure
  • Help estimate and control data insurance requirements
  • Understand the dollar cost of a potential security breach
  • Proactively protect your data from an attack
  • Demonstrate the need for security investment

Data Risk Intelligence Provides Answers

What data is at risk?

Find unprotected and risky data that could put your business-critical systems at risk.

Who has access to the data?

Generate reports on who has access to sensitive data to reduce access to only certain eyes.

How can threat actors get data?

Check for vulnerabilities within your system where threat actors can easily access and exploit sensitive information.

How much will a breach cost?

Generate your financial loss if a data breach were to occur and information was compromised.

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