Remove the hassle of toll-free provisioning and management with Magna5’s Dynamic Toll Free solution, our simple yet comprehensive dynamic toll free origination least cost rate solution. Dynamic Toll Free cuts toll-free origination costs, while also providing unseen savings of removing the resources dedicated to provisioning and procurement. Magna5 has the flexibility to translate and aggregate multiple originations, technologies and public switched telephone network (PSTN) delivery methods into a single trunk via open internet, private network or time-division multiplexing (TDM).

Magna5 prides itself on offering customer savings when it comes to dynamic toll free origination services. With customer analyses and customized routing plans for the client’s origination patterns, we utilize carrier on-net footprints to offer the best cost and savings solutions for our customers, without sacrificing quality.

Network delivery options

Dedicated Access Line (DAL)

Inbound PSTN calls terminated to a toll free number that is provisioned on a trunk to the Magna5 long distance network. Ideal for customer networks that support TDM technology.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Inbound PSTN calls terminated to a toll free number that is provisioned to an IP address or Universal Resource Indicator (URI). Both public and private connectivity options available.


Customers who have a mixture of TDM and SIP network elements throughout their network.

Worldwide availability

United States Toll Free Dialing

Supports all current toll free number ranges and future dialing patterns.

International Toll Free Service (ITFS)

Direct connections from 80+ foreign countries.

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

Standard dialing across 60+ countries. Certain qualifications and restrictions apply.

International In-Country Toll Free

Intended to support toll free traffic that originates and terminates in a non-US country. Available in 30+ foreign countries.

Real-Time management and routing capabilities

  • Interexchange carrier (IXC) support for optimized “split-CIC” routing templates from 4 national IXC carrier networks.
  • Handle Responsible Org (ResOrg) by authorizing Magna5 for optimal experience or handling in-house for existing numbers.
  • Multiple call routing capabilities such as, time of day / day of week, percent allocation, or overflow / recovery.
  • Multiple call delivery features such as, automatic number identification (ANI) delivery, dialed number identification service (DNIS) delivery or call blocking.

The Magna5 Difference

Magna5 Security


We are SOC 2 audited to keep you secure and protected. Our services help you stay compliant with government regulations.

Magna5 24/7/365


We are available to answer any questions you have 24/7/365 at our Operations Center.

24/7 Support


Trained and certified in all recent technologies for smooth implementations and support.

Magna5 Reliability


Best-of-breed technology and support that allows for high availability and uptimes for our customers.

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