At Magna5, we pride ourselves on providing a high-touch, boutique-style customer service.
It’s the connection our employees have with our customers that allows us to do just that – and we’re proud of the many faces and names behind the scenes that help our customers make smart connections each and every day.
Here, we introduce you to some of our talented team members in our various office locations across the country.



Troy, New York office

Employee since 2011

"It’s a good day when you can walk away knowing that orders went well and you’ve helped a customer connect!"

Ashley receives orders from sales and ensures delivery of the service. Whether new or continuing orders, they come from a variety of customers for a range of products and services. Once she gets the orders underway, Ashley updates customers on the process and stays in touch, helping coordinate installs, confirming completions and ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible for our customers.



Seattle office

Employee since 2012

"I'm proud that with our boutique style of service at Magna5, we can provide solutions that other companies cannot."

Colin works in the Magna5 Provisioning department – he’s one of the brains behind designing new network plans for our wholesale customers, whether large or small. He explains that Magna5 offers multi-carrier solutions that allow us to route around carrier-specific outages and keep our customers up and running. Colin also handles any Toll Free order that comes through, getting new customers set up on systems and helping them start making smart connections.



Pittsburgh office

Employee since 2013

"Disasters can happen at any time and in many forms. Our 24/7 services protect organizations from countless hours of downtime and the associated costs of remediation."

Zach works in the Cloud Services department where he leads a team of engineers that designs, implements, and manages the Magna5 cloud services including, remote monitoring and management, data backup, and recovery services. Zach explains, at Magna5 we offer cost-effective solutions for organizations that need to proactively monitor, backup and recover their infrastructure, data and networks – 24/7/365. These services help minimize IT fires and reduce health and performance issues that could turn into large systematic problems or downtime.