Protect Your Endpoints on Multiple Fronts

Endpoint security is a daily battle. With onsite and remote workers connecting both inside and outside of your protective firewalls, hidden security gaps within endpoints are prime entry points for cybercriminals to target your organization. Without proper protection, it’s open season for a tsunami of malicious ransomware and malware attacks through those unsecured endpoints.

An estimated 70% of breaches start on endpoint devices …  
laptops, workstations, servers and mobile devices – IDC 

360° Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Security takes the burden off IT staffs by providing customized solutions that unify prevention, detection and response in a single solution … fully managed by Magna5’s 24/7/365 Operation’s Center. Our multi-layer defense combines prevention and detection of attacks across all endpoints, active threat hunting with behavioral monitoring, quick remediation, and complete visibility into your endpoint environment with real-time data and incident response.

Eliminate Threats Before They Happen

Magna5 provides deep visibility into every device and application running both on-premise and in the cloud. We can detect and block both malicious files and file-less attacks before they are executed. Files will be quarantined and taken off your network until the situation is remediated.

Ensure Remote Workers Are Secure

We protect endpoints connecting to your network through the public internet with real-time threat detection, hunting and remediation, no matter where they are working. If a malware takes foothold into your network, we can reverse the attack with malware rollback to defuse the damage before it happens.

Remove Vulnerabilities to Block Entry Points

We manage the entire patching and endpoint configuration process to proactively minimize the vectors that attackers can exploit. This includes filtering through hundreds of upgrades, testing validity of the upgrade and rolling out the upgrade across your enterprise.

Reliable Endpoint Security Wherever Your Users Go – In the Office or On the Go

Simply having antivirus, signature detection and preventative measures are no match for today’s advanced cyber threats. It takes a multi-tier defense strategy to counter attacks before they penetrate your endpoints and perimeter.

All the features you need and more


    Proactively monitor attacks with full visibility into all endpoints, encrypted traffic, as well as applications and processes.


    Automate the entire patching and endpoint configuration process to actively minimize the vectors that attackers can exploit. 


    Utilize AI and machine learning to monitor both known and unknown cyber threats at every stage of their lifecycle. 


    Generate real-time forensics and storyline visualizations to map attacks point of origin and progression across endpoints.


    Use policy-driven protection to kill a process, quarantine or delete malicious binaries before they do any damage to your endpoints.  

  • HUNT

    Actively hunt for attacks using sophisticated algorithms to seek out potential footholds and hard-to-detect persistent threats.   Utilize ransomware canaries to detect when infection is spreading and external recon to actively search for changes that put your systems at risk.

The Magna5 Difference

Through our 24/7/365 Operations Center, we automate the entire incident response process, relieving IT teams of error-prone manual mitigation procedures. Our approach rapidly eliminates threats through proactive detection and response and returns endpoints back to their trusted states.

Security Operations Center

U.S.-based Operations Center is staffed with certified security engineers to triage threats.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Engineers are watching for security threats and eliminating risks 24/7/365.

Monthly Incident Reporting

Full transparency into services with portal access and monthly incident reporting.


Everything you need for a multi-layer defense to effectively protect your endpoints.


Five Ways Endpoint Security Protects Your Network

As cybercriminals relentlessly probe networks for vulnerabilities, they are increasingly finding them through unsecured endpoints. In this easy-to-read mini-booklet, we explore how our multi-layer endpoint security defense can proactively eliminate vulnerabilities across your endpoints.


Prevent Attacks From Ever Happening

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