Firewall and IPS Management

Simplify and Streamline the Management and Monitoring of Your Firewall and IPS Devices

Numerous security measures need to be implemented to create effective security programs. Next-Generation Firewalls and IPS can add an additional layer of security to create the ideal multi-layered defense approach.

But, you can no longer set your security in auto-pilot and hope for the best.  Policies and configurations need to be constantly tuned to ensure correct access controls that are aligning with emerging threats and changing business environments. Firewall & IPS Management is resource-intensive and requires expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. Getting maximum ROI from your Firewall and IPS investments is easier with the help of expert security professionals.


In a world of vast amounts of data, it is tough for resource-burdened IT departments to tune, monitor, analyze and correlate actions appropriately. Eliminating these tasks to a managed services provider can deliver expert insights that help fight threats and peace of mind that your environments are safe. Our Firewall & IPS Management services provides 24/7/365 administration, log monitoring, and response to security and health events. Security and health events are correlated and analyzed by our certified security experts, using threat intelligence and proven experience.

Rely on our 24/7/365 Firewall & IPS Management services to better protect your organization with quick response and immediate resolution – all while reducing the cost of in-house operations.

Your 24/7/365 monitoring and management of Firewall & IPS devices includes:

  • Log Monitoring and real-time threat prevention
  • Tuning and Management
  • Performance and Availability Management
  • Devices Upgrades and Patching
  • Incident Tracking and Correlation
  • Identify and Context Alerting
  • Custom Signature and Policy Development
  • On-demand Device and Security Reporting
  • Architecture Design, Engineering, Conversions and Deployment

Discover the Value of Firewall & IPS Management from Industry Experts

Managed Firewall and IPS Management allow for more effective operation of your security devices by relying on our team of experts to manage, maintain, administer, monitor, and respond to emerging threats. Rely on our Response Center for cost-effective and efficient solutions to achieve an additional layer of powerful security.

Improved firewall & IPS effectiveness

Tuning and device management from certified security professionals ensures that you are getting the most out of your IT investments. Our engineers are trained to properly maximize the efficiency of your devices and network security.

Respond to emerging threats faster

Our Engineers are trained and certified in the most advanced technologies on the market. They monitor your devices in real-time from our 24/7/365 Response Center located in Pittsburgh.

Bolster security and visibility of systems and data

With Firewall and IPS Management you will receive deeper visibility into your devices to understand what threats are attempting your network. With 24/7/365 monitoring we can detect issues quickly and respond quicker.

24/7/365 management and monitoring

With Firewall & IPS Management, your organization is able to realign the focus of your in-house team to revenue generating projects. Deepen your security program while reducing overhead by relying on our experts for customized solutions.

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