“A business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds in 2019 … every 11 seconds by 2021.”

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As Baltimore copes with week five of a ransomware attack in Baltimore City government, we are reminded of the seriousness of cybercrime when an entire municipality is shut down. In this attack, 10,000 city government computers were frozen. Email was down. Real estate, public health, city utility, transportation, and parks and recreation systems were affected. Recovery from the RobbinHood attack remains slow and painstaking. Fallout from the attack will be felt for months. Certain systems will require rebuilding to ensure a stronger security posture. The original $80,000 ransom is now nearly $200,000. While initially refusing to pay the ransom, city leaders are re-evaluating their next move … whether to pay or not.

What if your local or state government is next?

Taking a reactive path of “waiting” for an issue to occur is not an option. Cyber attackers are simply too clever for you to fight data breaches and intrusions alone. Ransomware attacks are growing more than 350 percent annually. Many government entities are taking preventive measures by turning to managed security providers who can proactively safeguard critical infrastructure and data using smart, multi-tiered security defenses to stay one step ahead.

Aggressive measures are needed to counter unauthorized access and threat intrusion. Managed security providers can boost detection and response times to cyber threats by proactively monitoring the security integrity of your entire network around the clock. They will identify patterns of events indicating a possible threat, determine the risk and act quickly.

Early-warning detection capabilities can identify and block malicious traffic before threat actors disrupt operations. It’s vitally important to have visibility into your entire network, including all virtual machines, cloud apps, endpoints, mobile devices and VoIP phones. Moving data to a secure cloud environment monitored by a proven managed security provider can secure your data using next-generation firewalls and intrusion protection systems that monitor traffic in real-time for effective cyber threat prevention.

Protection begins with knowing where the weak spots are in your network. Managed security providers can provide internal and external scans of network devices, servers, applications, databases and more … on-premises and in the cloud … to see what’s exposed to threats and recommend corrective action. Regularly scheduled patch management can close known vulnerabilities that ransomware attackers often exploit.

Backup and recovery capabilities play a big role in restoring lost data in the event of attacks.  Managed security providers can swiftly respond to downtime events with cost-effective restore solutions. Seamless recovery can happen in minutes to keep municipalities running without interruption. You can specify recovery for an entire virtual environment or specific end-user systems, cloud applications and departmental infrastructures.

Automated ransomware attacks are big business. Local and state governments can prepare for the unexpected by teaming with a trusted managed security provider to diligently build multiple tiers of defense to thwart attacks.

Want to maintain uptime for critical network and communication services and ensure quick data recovery after a ransomware attack? We can help. Contact us today for a free demo and consultation.

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