History is filled of great partnerships, find yours – even when it comes to a UCaaS service provider.

By: Keaton Forrest, Magna5 Account Executive, Expert Navigator and Music Enthusiast

The Starting Point on the RoadMap

You have a destination in mind and have the logistics lined up to take your road trip. This is a long haul so you obviously don’t want to make the ride alone. You need someone you know and trust to ride shot gun and handle the navigation and, more importantly, the music. Starsky and Hutch, Batman and Robin, Simon and Garfunkel, Jordan and Pippen – some of the greatest duos in the history of their respective category. A lot of arguments can be made that they would not be nearly as successful without their respective counterpart. Your road trip partner, and your UCaaS service provider should be viewed the same way.

We wanted to share a story that really speaks to the impact of partnership, finding a great partner and why us.  An interesting thing happened when we launched Magna5. In November 2016, the Magna5 brand was launched – we’d brought together three legacy telecommunications providers: X5 Solutions of Seattle, Novatel of San Antonio and CornerStone Telephone Company of Troy, New York. Company name changes can sometimes lead to questions and maybe some level of concern. In a matter of minutes after announcing the name change to the public, we received a flood of customer and partner calls from all corners with a common message “Don’t change”.

But what did this mean, “don’t change”?  Was it don’t change your name? No, it wasn’t that – it was something much deeper. What “don’t change” really meant – what our customers were telling us – was that they wanted us to do whatever we needed to do, but just don’t mess with what’s most important in their working relationship with us – they essentially said, “Don’t change the peace of mind you provide me.”

Ah, we get that. And we didn’t change the level of service, the trust, the reliability we provide our customers.

Building Magna5: Piece by Peace

Peace of Mind, to our customers, was the freedom from worry and knowing the network they rely on is in good hands with a company they trusted. This was really about our customers being super protective about our relationship and the value we provide. Wow, we thought, what a great “a-ha” moment.

At Magna5, this is fitting and so gratifying to hear because the spirit of our culture, how we view our jobs is all about creating Peace of Mind for our customers. That will never change. At the end of the day, when you peel it all back: the technology, the products, and no matter the industry, it all comes back to the same desired outcome. This idea defines our 20-year history and the relationships we’ve established and continue to build with our customers, every single day.

Thanks, Partner.

We’re ready to be your trusted unified communications partner in business.

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