Ensure optimal performance from your technology investments

Through top-notch support and advisory services

Magna5’s IT Consulting team views every interaction as an opportunity to make your day – or at least make it run a whole lot smoother. When you strategically outsource to us, we’ll partner with your organization to ensure you get the most from your technology investments through top-notch enterprise support.

Implementing new technologies is critical in today’s ever-changing business world. With so many products and solutions available on the market, going at it alone can be complex for IT departments. Our engineers are constantly trained and certified in all major technologies. They can act as an extension of your team to aide in project management, hardware/software sales, virtualization and much more. When your company needs assistance with implementing technology changes, Magna5’s IT Consulting services and project management can guide the way.


Why trust us with your IT?

Improve the efficiency and availability of your resources and applications with Magna5’s IT Consulting. We can aide your organization throughout the whole entire implementation process with solutions, virtualization, network infrastructure, and much more.

Your one-stop-shop for IT

Magna5 can be your one-stop-shop for everything IT. We have services that can range from Project Management to IT Monitoring, from Data Backup to Unified Communications, and SD-WAN to Managed Security. Your success is our goal and we want to help make your IT more proactive.

On-demand talent and resources

The day you sign with Magna5 is the day you get on-demand access to our talent and resources. Take advantage of certified engineers, innovative processes and next-generation technology to increase the efficiency of your organization. Our team will ensure that all projects are designed to fit your current needs and budget.

Free up IT staff

When investing in an IT consulting firm you can free up the time of your current staff for revenue-generating projects. Whether you don’t have the budget to hire additional staff, can’t add anything else on to your team’s plate or don’t have the in-house expertise – a managed service provider can act as an extension of your team. They will fill expertise gaps to lower costs and increase technology efficiency.


Solutions that drive business results

Professional Services
Magna5’s IT Consulting Services can provide clients on-demand access to talent and resources that would otherwise be out of reach. Our engineers are constantly re-training and certifying in the newest and most advanced technologies, so they can supply knowledgeable support for their client’s needs.

Procurement Management
Magna5 is proud to represent a large group of highly reputable hardware and software vendors. We provide full equipment maintenance and support for their products. We have experts work with vendors daily to make sure you get the most cost effective solutions.

Microsoft Solutions

Project Management


Engineering Support

Network Infrastructure


“I view Magna5 as an extension of our team. Very knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely easy to work with. I take comfort in the fact that they are a strategic partner of ours.”

Network Services Manager, Sauder Woodworking


Learn about the ins and outs of an Operations Center, and how they are managing your network for better health, performance and network results.


See how Magna5 can help your IT efficiency with advisory services.

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