Rely on a 24/7/365 partner that is devoted to helping your business grow.

Many organizations struggle to keep up with relentless maintenance tasks or lack the in-house expertise for complex IT projects. It’s easy to get lost in the effort of just keeping things up and running. But trying to fix it yourself can frequently cause your team to lose time and productivity. That’s valuable time that could have been put towards revenue generating projects.

You could hire an employee or two to take on the brunt of the work, but the skills gap in many IT departments is a legitimate crisis. One that is extending beyond the limited resources of small businesses to heavily impact mid market and enterprise organizations.

Research from CompTIA shows that 57% of enterprises believe that the IT skills gap will continue to grow.

Businesses today face an uphill battle to do more with less. The rate of change in the IT sector is exhausting the resources of internal IT teams. With projects like AI (artificial intelligence), the cloud, and mobility on the table, you won’t want to be spending budget increases on rudimentary tasks that are simply keeping you running.

What are your supposed to do?


Turn to a managed services for support.

A managed services provider allows organizations to meet industry standards while overcoming the IT skills gap – without increasing your hiring budget. While cost efficiency is one of the main reasons organizations are moving to an IT services partner, the real value is in the level of operational expertise you gain.

Our experts are devoted to aiding organizations in growing their business by being an extension of their internal team – 24/7/365.

Strategic expertise

A managed services provider is full of highly trained professionals, and customers get direct access to them 24/7/365. The backbone of a managed services provider is their Operations Center. They are working around the clock to keep their clients’ IT environments stable, available, and secure. Advanced engineering is devoted to keeping strategic projects within budget, on time, and seamlessly deployed into your current infrastructure. Whether you need data backup or disaster recovery, an Office 365 deployment for your users, network connectivity or a cloud-based business phone and collaboration system, we have you covered.

Focused, always-on security

Correlating the millions of security events that happen in a day is a full-time job. Rather than having it be a piece of your employees’ jobs, a managed services provider can supply 24/7/365 security information and event management with best-in-class tools and incident response. Bundle anything from firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and any other necessary network security solution to achieve a truly holistic multi-tiered defense approach.


Learn about the ins and outs of an Operations Center, and how they are managing your network for better health, performance and network results.

Magna5 provides food manufacturer reliable technology solutions for their unique 24/7/365 needs.

Magna5’s cloud hosting, coupled with network and server management, and data backup, supply Valley Food Systems with a high-availability environment for their always-on operation.

“They truly understand our needs. Companies our size can rarely afford an IT department, let alone a 24/7/365 staff. We are able to work hand-in-hand with Magna5 to get maintenance and support at all times. They truly are our eyes 24/7/365.”



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