Tier II Support Engineer

Tier II Support Engineer plays an analytical role in the onboarding of potential new clients and vendors during the interoperability phase.  This requires the technician to work with customers to test services they will be purchasing and vendors Magna5 will be utilizing, in a highly technical and collaborative test environment.  The engineer will have a hands-on role in utilizing various tools to capture and review calls and messaging.  In addition to interop testing, the engineer will have the daily task of supporting customers with all telecommunications issues that may arise.  These include any issues or technical questions related to SIP trunking, hosted services, internet, dial tone, long distance, toll free, etc.  Individuals in this position must be able to prioritize these issues, understand network design, and use the appropriate routing permissions and tools to diagnose and provide resolution in a timely manner.  Strong communication and multi-tasking skills are needed to interact with internal departments, external vendors as well as being able to communicate in a non-technical language with customers.  The engineer will work in a team environment with other telecommunication specialists, to reach all company objectives, as well as on their own with some supervision.  In addition, the Tier II Support Engineer will work in conjunction with the Network Operation to support internal and external customers to attain the company’s key performance initiatives established in the company’s strategic plan.


Interop- Interop is a test phase between Magna5 and the customer.  A test bed is set up for the customer to make inbound and outbound calls to confirm quality, feature functionality and equipment compatibility.  As a Tier II Support Engineer, you will be the technical contact in working with the customer to set up and step through the test plan.  This involves troubleshooting and coordinating troubleshooting efforts between the customer, provisioning team and translations team to do live testing, pulling and reviewing SIP packet captures to confirm call completion and or resolve any issues that may surface, etc.

  • Monitor the Interop queue/inbox
  • Coordinate internally with the Provisioner/PM to procure test numbers
  • Pretest routes and test numbers
  • Coordinate technical call with the customer
  • Create and issue a technical scope of work, network diagram and test plan for the interop
  • Provision and configure some products that may be tested through interop such as account codes, conference bridges, auto attendants, voip phones, edge devices, ATAs, soft clients, music on hold, etc.
  • Perform Layer 1 testing with internal team members or external vendors
  • Correspond and follow up with the customer through the interop process to make sure any issues are being addressed in a timely matter
  • Set up IP Packet Captures to review SIP signaling and RTP messages to troubleshoot
  • Research RFC compliance and best practice documentation as needed
  • Document any pertinent notes, correspondence, troubleshooting steps, etc.
  • Documents customer network information on a Scope of Work as well as provide visio diagrams
  • Issue and receive back from the customer Magna5’s Interop completion document

Support—  The Tier II Support Engineer will be part of a dedicated team who will strive to deliver superior customer service, one of the trademarks of Magna5. In this position, you will be assessing and troubleshooting on a daily basis a handful of complex incoming trouble tickets for services such as hosted VOIP, and SIP trunking, data networks, local services and long distance services.

  • Deliver superior and personable customer service experience from start to resolution of a ticket/inquiry
  • Monitor the Support queue/inbox
  • Open up trouble reports for Tier I – II trouble reports for both on network and off network products and services
  • Proactively monitor internal and external intervals from ticket creation to resolution time and escalate as needed
  • Provide high level support for customers/product channels as well as field technicians needing assistance.
  • Light provisioning of remote call forwards, ANIs, account codes, toll free, trunks, DIDs in order to restore services
  • Updating IP authentication information for customers
  • Responsible for reviewing telephony messaging to diagnose issues for SIP and TDM services.  This shall include SIP, ISUP, ISDN, etc. types of messaging
  • Detailed documentation of all troubleshooting steps to resolution
  • Make least cost routing adjustments for class of service modifications and or temporary reroutes during troubleshooting
  • Research technical inquiries from internal and external customers
  • Perform basic network performance tests such as ping tests and trace routes, test calls, etc.
  • Utilize tools such as Zenoss, Homer, Wireshark, CACTI, N-Command, CDR viewer to monitor network statistic such as ASR, capacity, CPU, packet loss, fraud etc.
  • Create and pass through scheduled maintenance notifications
  • Network monitoring using CACTI, Zenoss, CDR Viewer, etc.
  • Manages maintenance notification database

Provisioning Level 1-2:

  • Assist with provisioning of new production and change orders to include sip trunking, RCFs, DID routing, toll free routing, account codes, LCR set up, etc.
  • Configures hosted services; phone lines, hardware, voice mail, Auto Attendants, music on hold, find-me-follow me, faxing, etc to help resolve an issue
  • Configures/modifies equipment including phones, Adrans, switches etc to support existing services and as aid in the support of new installs.
  • Manages Level 1 partition builds and routing in least cost routing engine
  • Manages switch ANI Screening
  • Manages provisioning that supports government agencies such as the Travel Account Code Table

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Provide after hours on call support— Employee will be part an on-call rotation and be logged in and available through the MAGNA5 phone system, Email System, VPN and Support Systems to manage necessary incoming trouble reports.
  • Knowledge shares with internal teammates to close any gaps in experience providing fluid and transparent customer experience
  • Provide remote or onsite customer support for troubleshooting, training, sales support or customer relationship building as needed.
  • Network Projects –Participate in individual or team projects surrounding network or customer re-design.
  • Training and Documentation — Produce and deliver training materials for products to be used internally and externally
  • Employee will be involved in any necessary after-hours maintenance windows supporting network projects or standard routine maintenance needed
  • After Hours Support—Employee will act as a tier 3 emergency support for after hours network emergencies

Education: Prefer Bachelor’s degree related to technology or relevant technical certifications to support the roles and responsibilities of the position profile.  Relevant and significant industry experience may provide as a substitute for the education requirement.

Experience:  Minimum of 2-5 years’ experience in the Network Services and/or Information Technology arena, at least 2 years strategic experience in this field.  We encourage college graduates with related degrees to apply.  This may provide as a substitute for years of experience.  Possess business modeling skills; experience as the primary creator of value; experience in leading consolidated effort.

  • Experience in utilizing performance indicator metrics
  • Awareness in tech enabled service models
  • Experience operating within a, tech enabled OSS systems
  • Proficient at analyzing TCP Dump, Wireshark and other packet capture software
  • Experience in managing customer satisfaction
  • Prefer Telecom and/or Cloud services background

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Position: Tier II Support Engineer

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