Improve customer satisfaction and the customer experience with a hosted UC and Cloud Contact Center solution. 

One of the many exciting things happening at Magna5 right now is a new service offering that will be launching in the coming weeks. A solution that will boost your customer satisfaction and customer experience to the next level. That’s right, we are talking about Cloud Contact Center. 

Why Do I need a Contact Center?

Most businesses, regardless of size, need contact center functionality, including:

  • Call routing and queueing, with skills-based routing
  • IVRs and auto attendants with music-on-hold and call recording capabilities
  • Supervisory functionality and reporting


Customers want to get in touch with companies by the easiest means for them. This is increasing the demand of intelligent and advanced functionality, such as multichannel routing and queuing for email, chat and voice. They also don’t want to waste time by waiting in a queue; increasing the need to request callbacks that allow customers to disconnect and receive a callback as soon as an agent is available. However, if your organization is still stuck in the old on-premise phone system days, these capabilities may be too complex, too extensive, and too IT-resource intensive. 

The cloud is revolutionizing contact centers

Until the prevalence of the cloud, advanced contact center solutions have been out of reach for many organizations. Organizations that wanted these functions needed to purchase, deploy, and maintain hardware and software for each location causing restricted use to only organizations with extensive financial and contact center expert resources. 

All this is changing due to one simple factor: the cloud. A Cloud Contact Center is easy to deploy and maintain for organizations of all sizes. We eliminate capital expenditures (Capex) like hardware and software, and transition organizations to a hassle-free operating expense (Opex) model. Get more functionality, scalability, and business continuity with a cloud contact center – all while saving your bottom line. 

How does Magna5’s Cloud Contact Center get implemented?

In the upcoming weeks leading to our product launch, we will be releasing a blog series that will answer your questions about Magna5’s Cloud Contact Center. This week, we tackle the first question:

So, you’ve decided to make the switch to cloud contact center as a service (CCaaS), what happens during the transition?

Making the transition from an on-premises contact center to a hosted solution seems like a large task to tackle. Magna5 has a team of 24/7/365 engineers to make the process a breeze and completely seamless. Your assigned team will work with you to figure out what set of features you need in your new contact center, then engineers will design, deploy, and test your system to make sure it works properly prior to the go-live date. When the decision is made to make your cloud contact center live, your phone lines are switched over from the old one to the new system. Because it is hosted in the cloud, ongoing maintenance and management is simple, creating peace of mind that you are never bogged down to a legacy system again.

Businesses are looking to replace their aging hardware-based platforms due to the inherent benefits of the cloud. Contact-center-as-a-service can ensure your customer communications are taken care of every step of the way. 

Tune in next time for our second part of the series where we will discuss the benefits of a fully supported contact center that is hosted in the cloud. And, don’t forget to be on the lookout for when Magna5 releases our new Cloud Contact Center service.

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