Mid-sized organizations beware: data breaches against businesses soared 235% in Q1. Managed security services can help organizations combat sophisticated ransomware and trojan attacks.

According to a recent report, a surge in ransomware and trojans in the first three months of 2019 led to a massive 235% year-over-year increase in detected cyber-threats to businesses. This burst of attacks is shifting away from consumers and moving towards organizations with fewer IT resources, like mid-sized organizations.

In Q1, organizations saw a flux of ransomware attacks against corporate targets. This attack strain surged 195% from the previous quarter and over 500% from the same time last year.

As these attacks pursue with a vengeance, mid-sized organizations need to take more action to protect themselves from the most prominent attack strains. Managed security services can help organizations with an IT skills gap strengthen their security posture and fight back against sophisticated threat actors. A strong security posture is curated from a multi-tier defense approach, made up of several layers of preventative and detective efforts. The purpose of having multiple layers in your network security is to ensure all bases are covered, and each base has a backup plan in case of a flaw.

Each layer of defense should focus on a specific area where ransomware or trojans could attack a mid-sized organization. By working in tandem, each layer of a managed security services program should offer a better chance in stopping a threat actor compromising sensitive information. Multi-tiered defense managed security services should cover:

  • Remote users
  • Cloud network and applications
  • Internal networks
  • Servers
  • Users


This approach removes single points of failure in order to secure, and as a last resort restore, an organization’s imperative assets and information. Here are a few detective and preventative managed security solutions that can help mid-sized organizations protect their environment from end-to-end.

Detective Solutions

Managed Detection and Response

Mid-sized organizations can leverage Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to monitor the security integrity of their cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT environments, including endpoints and cloud applications. With multiple essential security capabilities in one solution, MDR simplifies and accelerates threat detection, incident response and compliance management. It includes log management, SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring), compliance reporting, vulnerability assessments, behavioral monitoring and much more – all managed from a 24/7/365 Operations Center.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments evaluate internal and external network devices, servers, applications, databases, on-premises and cloud-based solutions for weaknesses threat actors could exploit. In-depth audits, with recommended prioritized remediation plans, give organizations instant access into where IT systems might be vulnerable to threats and what risks lie within your network.

Preventative Solutions

Firewall and IPS Management

Next-generation firewalls and Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) add an additional layer of protection to your perimeter security. Quickly identify and block malicious traffic on the network with 24/7/365 traffic flow monitoring, visibility and security coverage over a wide range of network protocols. Signature tuning and device management ensures corrective action responses, filtering and access restrictions are current with best practices and industry standards.

Patch Management

Patch Management ensures that threat actors cannot exploit out-of-date vulnerabilities and bugs in operating systems and cloud-based software. Staying current with patches can be a difficult task for limited IT staffs. Many large data breaches have been caused because organizations have failed to patch vendor releases in a timely manner. Patch Management services provide a cost-effective and streamlined solution to stay secure, current and optimized with regular testing and scheduling of planned and emergency patches.

Anti-virus Protection

While anti-virus alone is not enough to protect organizations from emerging threats, it can ensure end user devices are protected from the spread of malware and trojan viruses. Anti-virus protection fortifies endpoints through a layered defense approach with unified prevention, multi-stage detection and automated response.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

When all else fails and systems are locked from ransomware, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery can restore compromised systems and data from a virtual environment in the cloud. Users can be back up and running quickly with zero data loss.

As mid-sized organizations face an uproar of sophisticated threats, a multi-tiered defense approach can strengthen protection against the unknown. A combination of detective and preventive managed security services as well as 24/7/365 incident response can eliminate holes in your security strategy by covering all bases from your end users, to perimeter and internal networks. If you are a mid-sized organization that needs help fortifying your security defenses, contact Magna5 for a free consultation.

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