As business pushes the limits of IT availability, productivity and efficiency, the importance of reliable IT operations continues to be apparent. Small- and medium-sized organizations rely on their IT environments, especially those of cloud-based applications and servers, to eliminate inefficient processes and reduce operational expenses, but the demand for high availability has made downtime much more catastrophic and costly. Unfortunately, the most advanced systems are still subject to downtime and performance concerns that can decrease the quality of end-user experience.

Many times, business owners will seek out support after a downtime disaster occurs, but this is a reactive approach to managing your IT. How much downtime can your organization afford? Downtime can be extremely costly and cause your organization to miss deadlines, lose business opportunities and lower employee morale. According to Dynamic Business Technologies, hardware failure is the number one reason of data loss and down time. Our solution? IT Monitoring and Management. Proactive IT monitoring and management can eliminate downtime fears and unplanned mishaps to maximize up-times, productivity and bottom line.

Increase functionality and performance with Magna5 IT Monitoring and Management

Ensuring that your network and servers stay in working order at all times is not an easy task for the budget and staff constrained organization though – it requires 24/7/365 support, technology with rich functionality, and a staff of certified professionals that can detect anomalies from false positives. Many organizations just simply don’t have the IT staff to accommodate the needs of a full-blown monitoring and management platform; while others are trying to handle in-house.  A common problem of in-house monitoring is the lack of around-the-clock functionality, as this is restricted to only checking and resolving issues during regular business hours. If a network or server issue arises during off-hours, you could walk into work the next day with a mess to resolve at the cost of your company’s productivity. Because of these challeneges, many organizations are turning to IT monitoring and management services provided by certified managed services providers, like Magna5.

At Magna5, our IT monitoring and management solution showcases best-in-class technology that is customizable to each client’s unique IT environment. We have plug-ins and visibility into the various different servers, firewalls, data bases, and applications that organizations use. The technology is backed by our Operations Center that acts like the heart of the operation; working constantly and never missing a beat to make sure that every customer environment is up and running with no problems, 24/7/365. The Operations Center is staffed constantly with certified engineers that are continuously developing custom checks that can verify the critical health, productivity, and security of all the various components of a customer’s environment. When a service interruption or issue surfaces, the team gets alerted and they resolve it, no matter the depth or severity, quickly and efficiently – many times even before the customer knows there was an issue. The Operations Center not only handles monitoring and management of your network and servers, they can supply patch management, security functions, help desk, cloud hosting, and more.

The Benefits of a fully-managed IT Monitoring and Management Solution

When putting into perspective today’s complexed virtualized network environments, stretched IT staffs and budgetary constraints, the cost savings found can create a strong business case for investing in IT Monitoring and Management. It is important to remember that the best products and services set up customers for longer term success – including, risk mitigation, optimized performance, lower expenses, and elasticity to scale with your evolving business landscape. Here are the top benefits of IT monitoring and Management:

Optimized Performance and Network Availability

Networks are becoming more widely dispersed and supporting more operations than ever before. The growing need of availability and functionality is making it mandatory to employ network management solutions. With 24/7 monitoring, the Magna5 Operations Center receives information about issues and can quickly resolve the issue before they become major problems. Custom reports and detailed monitoring helps paint a picture of your overall network performance. Therefore, creating better visibility for IT professionals to better optimize and secure the operations within your organization.

Risk Mitigation with heighten security standards

Addressing security threats everyday can be extremely time-consuming for an internal IT team. Especially when you don’t have a specific tool or the proper staff that can connect all of the dots. There will never be enough stress on how important it is to constantly stay on top of security patches and maintain standardized security settings on all workloads. To maintain high security and compliance, organizations need features that pay close attention to the network and everything that is going on within the network. Many solutions can offer real-time network security management to ensure your organization stays informed, secure, and protected from the latest malicious attacks.

Lower expenses by improving asset utilization

IoT enabled endpoints are in a constant rise and accounts for more than half of network traffic compared to wired. It’s important to know what is connecting to your network and whether their infrastructure is equipped to handle major fluctuations. A comprehensive tool will provide inventory of devices for analyzing long term trends and facilitating optimum use of available assets.

Successful implementation of new technology

A successful network management service makes it easy to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve problems before they affect critical business operations. It allows for timely planning of maintenance windows and bandwidth allocation for improved quality. New technologies can deliver innovation and improvement to your organization. When you are able to monitor and manage the IT environment for issues when deploying new technologies, you can catch issues and quickly resolve for a quick release.

As business needs evolve and availability needs continue to skyrocket, it is paramount that organizations are optimizing their environments and taking a proactive approach to IT management. With Magna5’s IT monitoring and management solution, organizations can have peace of mind that they are covered, 24/7/365, when an issue surfaces. When our service is deployed, you get on-demand access to a full team of certified engineers, at your disposal, that can supply expert troubleshooting, enterprise-wide patch manage, issue remediation and much more! Contact us today for a free demo of our IT monitoring and management service!

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