After six long weeks we have reached our destination!

We’ve braved the long road to modernizing and simplifying your communications platforms through a cloud-based UC system. During this trip we were able to uncover the benefits and pitfalls that companies face while switching to this model – from CapEx vs OpEx, next-gen applications, empowering the mobile workforce, and business continuity – we have got you covered. While I hope you enjoyed the ride, I hope you are able to enjoy the destination even more.

It was a long trip, so here are some notes for you to recap:


Milepost 1: All about the money.

At this post, we learned how companies are able to preserve their money for bigger and better things, and hear ways you can preserve your own precious cash. This post helped you come away with new ideas and solutions to optimize your financials … The main focus – CapEx spending on limited and depreciating Legacy-Based assets and systems is neither a good move, nor is it a wise one.

Road Trip Playlist: “Take the Money and Run” by The Steve Miller Band


Milepost 2: A simple promise of Next-Gen Cloud Applications.

At this post, you learned about SIP (the glue) for new Cloud-based multimedia applications such as presence, chat, self-serve portal control, disaster recovery built-in, supporting your new “everyday, anytime, on-the-go office.”

Road Trip Playlist: “More Than A Feeling” By Boston


Milepost 3: The New Mobile Workforce, Always On the Go.

At this post, we did a deep dive into the remote workforce. With all of the technology constantly being ingrained into networks.

Road Trip Playlist: “On The Road Again” By Willie Nelson


Milepost 4: Integration, Disaster Recovery and Self-Serve Control.

At this point, we dealt with rapid and constant change and handled the occasional bump in the road and figured out how we can deal with it and get back on the road.

Road Trip Playlist: “Gimme Shelter” By The Rolling Stones


You’ve made it! Rest easy knowing that you have achieved Peace of Mind. You’ll be thrilled that your business communications needs are finally where they need to be. Thank you again for joining us on this journey, please feel free to reach out to Magna5 anytime to start the road to simplifying your communications network.


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