Intuitive Patch Management to quickly address software vulnerabilities

Offload tedious patch updates to Magna5

Patch releases can be very tedious and time consuming. To defer a lot of risk within your systems, it is important to keep your systems up-to-date and that makes patch management a necessary practice.

The cumbersome tasks of enterprise-wide patch management can create a daunting to do list for your team. Moreover, many organizations don’t have the time to track available patches and then test which patches are appropriate for their systems.

Magna5 handles the patching process to provide a cost-effective and streamlined solution for your enterprise. With continuous monitoring, we are able to find vulnerabilities within your network and immediately address the security weakness with required patching. Stay up-to-date with scheduled and real-time emergency patch release updates.


Improved manageability with Patch Management

Many data breaches originate from old vulnerabilities that were never properly patched. The unfortunate news is that there are a lot of organizations that don’t regularly patch their systems company-wide. Whether your organization isn’t properly patching because of time constraints or limited staff, it is a function that is necessary for the protection of your critical systems.

Relinquish the management and administrative overhead from your current IT staff to our 24/7/365 team. Patch management is integrated into Magna5’s monitoring portal to increase visibility and improve manageability. On one single view, our team is able to see the status of your devices and if an event has taken place. With this, we are able to manage your systems more efficiently and can quickly take action if a situation were to occur. You will be able to receive peace of mind that your environment is protected from potential exploits.

Patch Management

Allow your current team to realign their focus to revenue generating IT projects. With Magna5’s Patch Management you are able to stay secure, current and optimized. Complete your network monitoring and management platform with a holistic approach to 24/7/365 security.

  • Easily identify machines that require patching
  • Regularly scheduled patches for Windows operating systems and third party applications
  • Include business application in patch management regiment
  • Patch compliance reporting
  • Emergency updates


Learn about how much a data breach could cost your organization.


See how Magna5 can transform your server and network security.

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