Transform mission critical workloads to dedicated private clouds

Gain more control over your environment with Private Cloud

Private cloud environments are dynamic – cloud resources can be quickly spun up or down to enable faster time to market, meet seasonal demand, or maximize resource utilization and stay cost-effective. Magna5’s private cloud solutions enable a more agile and continuous approach to monitor and manage cloud environments and resources to ensure cloud health and performance, maximize resource utilization, and eliminate waste. Private clouds are ideal for customers who have large computing and storage requirements, strict security and compliance needs, or want to speed innovation. Magna5 can provide dedicated private cloud infrastructure as a monthly subscription service.

Cloud adoption is transforming business but also presenting challenges for IT security and management. Within companies of all sizes, businesses are leveraging the private cloud to drive business innovation and agility – and, seeing amazing results. However, cloud security and management are not always top-of-mind and often an after-thought, which is increasing companies exposure to unnecessary cloud risks. Magna5’s private cloud services and management enables customers to gain better visibility and control over their cloud environment to minimize risks while continuing to enable business innovation.


Work smarter, faster and more competitively

The private cloud is defined as computing services offered either over the internet or a private internal network, allowing only select users access instead of the general public. A private cloud gives organizations many of the benefits of a public cloud – including self-service, scalability and elasticity – with additional control and customization available from dedicated resources over your own infrastructure. Private clouds can deliver a higher level of security by utilizing your own firewalls to ensure operations and mission critical data are not accessed through third-party providers.

At Magna5, we have years of expertise and focus on delivering and protecting IT infrastructures as they change with new technologies, advancing threats; adjusting to the changing demands of businesses today. We have IT equipment in several secure data centers designed to securely deliver hosted servers, data backup and disaster recovery options, leaving you to handle important business needs. Cloud services deliver inherent benefits to organizations, large and small.

Better Agility

Respond to change quicker with infrastructures configured to meet current and future needs.

Stronger Security

Secure your sensitive mission-critical data and applications behind your firewalls and securities.

Drive Innovation

Continue to drive business innovation with next-generation technologies that work for your business needs.

24/7/365 Support

Our 24/7/365 Operations Center is here to manage and support your private cloud infrastructure.

Secure Data Centers

We have partnered with the most secure and robust data centers in the world to ensure your cloud production.

More Availability 

Prevent unplanned downtime through resilient architectures that are monitored and managed 24/7/365.

24/7/365 Management

Eliminate cumbersome in-house management

Private clouds can be management-heavy which many organizations are not equipped to handle internally. Magna5’s Operations Center can monitor and manage your infrastructure resources, such as compute, network and storage, to eliminate staffing and maintenance expenses of traditional in-house data center ownership. We can ensure the security and health of your cloud environment at all times, so you can continue to grow your business more efficiently and securely. Magna5 eliminates security concerns by ensuring the safety of your private cloud environment. Our data centers are proven to be the most secure locations in the world. We are SOC2 compliant and monitor 24/7/365.

“Magna5’s Cloud Services, in conjunction with their data backup and disaster recovery solution, allowed Galliker’s Dairy to quickly and efficiently move from doing traditional on-site selection based server tape backups to doing off-site cloud-based backups of our entire server infrastructure.”

Bill Livingston
Galliker’s Dairy


Learn how deploying disaster recovery in hte cloud can result in more secure, agile and fool-proof restores.


See how Magna5 can transform your environment with the private cloud.

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