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Ensure optimal bandwidth utilization on any network

Simplified multi-site networking and optimized application performance

Traditionally, organizations utilized dedicated and private networks for communications between branch offices, headquarter locations and data centers. It was expensive to implement and maintain, and only offered limited bandwidth. Add cloud applications into the mix and it alone is inadequate to support the infrastructure. Organizations need a method of allowing all locations to quickly access whatever they need, whenever they need – with business grade performance.

SD-WAN with Magna5 allows you to leverage the cloud, the bandwidth of broadband and existing enterprise-wide network infrastructure to more efficiently and cost effectively transmit data to and from every location in your network. SD-WAN takes advantage of MPLS, broadband and LTE to find the optimal delivery path for traffic across your network. It will shape the bandwidth as needed to eliminate jitter and dropped data packages. This ensures an optimized and efficient user experience – no matter where they are located!

Our SD-WAN solutions provides on-demand remediation to the connection links to ensure performance of high priority applications. The whole solution is managed by our experts in the 24/7/365 Operations Center.


Benefits of Managed SD-WAN With Magna5

Optimize Application Performance

Optimize application performance, like Voice and Collaboration, over efficient Internet links with direct, secure access to enterprise and cloud applications. SD-WAN provides consolidated monitoring and visibility across multiple WAN links.

Reduced downtime

Eliminate downtime and the associated costs with 24/7/365, proactive bandwidth usage monitoring. SD-WAN shapes and steers traffic to the best available links as well as failover if there is an outage or volume spike.

Traffic Prioritization

SD-WAN allows organizations to prioritize applications to ensure mission-critical systems, like UC, get prioritized over the employee streaming music or videos in the break room.

Simplify Branch Network

Provision branch offices faster with zero-touch deployment, simplified configuration, orchestration and on-going monitoring. Network services can be added on the branch edge, in the cloud or data center to simplify infrastructure.

24/7/365 Management

Magna5 monitors all network activity and alerts of problems that need remediated. A team of trained engineers will ensure your organization experiences quality of service (QoS) at all times of the day and night, 24/7/365.

Ease of Deployment

SD-WAN allows for various deployment options including completely cloud or software-based, hardware-based, or a hybrid scenario. In each instance, all the components are able to connect to each other when brought online and configurations are pushed from the centralized management. There is no need for onsite technicians.


Fully managed SD-WAN to meet your connectivity needs

SD-WAN with Magna5 is backed by our 24/7/365, US-based Operations Center. From solution design and implementation to deployment and on-going management. We’re here for your WAN needs.

Managed SD-WAN:

  • We’re here every step of the way: SD-WAN design, implementation, deployment and on-going management
  • 24/7/365 connectivity health and usage monitoring
  • Respond to alarms and alerts generated by network failures and outages
  • Traffic shaping and steering, application prioritization and optimization
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Tech Brief: SD-WAN for Unified Communications

Enterprise-class voice and collaboration workloads in the cloud can pose several degradation challenges on the network, including brownouts and jitter. The advancement of network technology, including the introduction of SD-WAN technology, have provided better, smarter and more efficient network services to support real-time, cloud-based communications.



SD-WAN for Unified Communications


This easy-to-read book gives insight on the five main benefits customers receive from SD-WAN with Magna5. This fully-managed cloud networking solution gives organizations a transformational approach to simplify branch networking, ensure connectivity redundancy and optimize voice and application performance.


See how Magna5 can transform your WAN efficiency.

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