Server Maintenance

Achieve high productivity, efficiency, and availability with Server Maintenance

Magna5’s Server Maintenance is intended to keep your servers updated and running smoothly to ensure that your network is operating with high productivity and efficiency. Our Pittsburgh-based Response Center will monitor your servers’ critical information, 24/7/365, and complete routine tedious patch maintenance.

The Magna5 engineers work as an extension of your team, to be your eyes and ears, so your IT staff’s efficiency can increase and service interruptions decrease.

Increase Server Productivity and Health

Proactive Monitoring in Real-Time

Magna5 proactively monitors critical system information in real-time from our customized monitoring systems and fully staffed Response Center, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Our expert team works with you to locate small issues before they become large problematic system failures. When issues are located, we quickly resolve the problem to eliminate downtime and associated costs.

Intuitive Patching to Quickly Address Vulnerabilities

Patch releases can be very tedious and time consuming. To defer a lot of risk in your servers, it is important to keep your systems up-to-date. Relinquish the management and administrative overhead from your current IT staff to our 24/7/365 team of engineers. You will be able to realign your team’s focus to revenue generating IT projects with Magna5 Server Maintenance.


» Server Monitoring 24/7/365 

» Monitoring and ticketing portal access

» Critical issues validated & notified within 15 minutes

» Performance issues within 30 minutes

» Other events handled during maintenance windows

» Connectivity, up-time, essential monitoring

» Hardware, application, virtualization monitoring

» Server/process, anti-virus, backup, and event log monitoring

» Monthly Service review meetings

» Patch Management


Increase server productivity and health with Magna5 Server Maintenance

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