This is Ted.

Learn how to avoid disasters like ransomware (and Ted)

Multi Layered Approach

U.S. Response Center

24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring

Crush Ransomware

With Managed Security

Ted thinks the email attachment he just downloaded is important. It's ransomware. 

The best way to protect network infrastructure is with multi-layered security. Magna5 knows this from experience - it's how we help you identify, counter and recover from cyber attacks in minutes. 

Managed security providers don't offer proactive monitoring because it's more difficult and less profitable. Magna5 does it because we've learned that the easiest way to eliminate a threat is by being the first to know of its existence.

Magna5 fights cyber threats from our 24/7/365 Response Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The location provides for faster response and escalation. You need both to consistently deliver positive outcomes.

Every 14 seconds an unsuspecting employee will click on ransomware, setting their company back 6 months. Or they can work with Magna5 and bounce back in 6 minutes. Learn how.


Why Magna5?



Download our FREE GUIDE and learn how managed security can battle-harden your security:

  • Access proven security warriors to extend your IT teams
  • Boost detection and response times to cyber threats
  • Strengthen your perimeter for secure protection
  • Expand your security – on-premises, the cloud and mobile
  • Guard against malicious activity on your network
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