Joe Carney

The team at Magna5 have our best interest in mind and go the extra mile to keep our network running smoothly and secure. The flexibility of their cloud network enables us to spin-up new properties in less than a week.

Ryan Automotive

The team at Magna5 really knows what they are doing. Our uptime has dramatically improved. They also have a very good help desk that routes our issue to the right person with specific knowledge to resolve it.

Westchester Publishing – Unified Communications 1

Magna5’s unified communications platform removed a lot of past headaches. Our ability to be reached by customers and communicate on projects was seamless … especially when we went into lockdown mode during the COVID pandemic.

Perfect Balance CPA – General 2

I don’t worry about my technology – I am so confident it will run smoothly and if something breaks Magna5 will fix it. We work with difficult software and they take care of our issues. They fix our issues and assist in giving us suggestions on new...

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