Traditionally, companies see anywhere between 5%-15% of the original cost spent annually to maintain their aging PBX. We’re talking about hunks of metal that cost a couple tens of thousand dollars, just keeping it up to date and functioning can be a huge hit to your CapEx budget.

Your IT staff doesn’t need to be mechanics

On top of that, your IT staff is spread even more thin keeping up with the updates and fixes that need to be done on the regular. Liken this to the maintenance of an older car, not often worth the hassle – and the cost. By keeping up with this aging dinosaur of a communication system, your IT staff can’t focus on moving your company forward with technology that could help you better succeed. These things add up, especially when you factor in that legacy equipment is not flexible or scalable. Are you adding a user? Moving Betsy Sue to a new location? That will also cost you. When you compare apples-to-apples, you will come to the conclusion that Legacy PBX systems cost more than a UCaaS Platform and delivers significantly less. And trust us, those systems aren’t appreciating as well as a ‘67 Camaro.

OpEx costs can save the day – and your budget

Moving your communications to the cloud is a move that will come out of your company’s OpEx budget. Making this switch will allow you to wrap your head around a predictable cost that will keep your communications running smoothly.

Gone are the days that find you fretting about the next time your PBX bugs out on you, and how big of a hole that is going to leave in your wallet. Now, you are paying for a service rather than a box that requires an obnoxious amount of tender love and care. By paying for this service as you go, you are ensuring that your communications platform will never be obsolete because your service provider will constantly be monitoring for updates and making the upgrades when they become available. You will also be the benefactor of the IP-based systems infinite scalability. Adding a user is a simple procedure that requires placing an order with your service order – a classic pay-as-you-go solution.

And, moving Betsy Sue to that new location is now a piece of cake with an easy switch made in the admin-portal. There is, of course, some upfront cost associated with making this transition, but it is very minimal and certainly worth the capital when you see how much savings your company will incur over the duration of the service. Companies that make this move see anywhere between 30%-75% on their typical telco spend. Imagine all the investments your company can make in itself now that you have freed yourself from that out-of-date PBX.

We’re just getting started on this roadtrip – looking forward to the next stop as we look to that great blue sky and take a ride through Next-Gen Cloud Applications.

Road Trip Playlist: “Take the Money and Run” by The Steve Miller Band

To save time, money and hassle, Magna5 is here to help your business switch to the Cloud.

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