Business is growing beyond the cubicle. Grow your organization’s communications and collaboration with Cloud PBX (Unified Communications)

Your business is moving beyond the standard office cubicle. Your employees are on the move and conducting business from wherever they are currently located – whether that be at an airport, at a local coffee house, at their home office, or at your organization’s remote offices. 

Hiring managers are predicting more than one-third of employees will work remotely in the next 10 years. There are concerns from organizations, and employees, that remote work will eliminate the human interaction with other team members, customers, and vendors – making it difficult and more cumbersome to complete daily tasks. Because of these concerns, your business communications need to be as flexible as your employees.

Cloud PBX helps connect an organization

Advancements in voice technology have enabled organizations to support the growing number of remote workers within business. A Cloud PBX phone system can ensure that your remote employees are connected with in-office employees and customers with a touch of a button, all hosted within the cloud. 

The underlining technology of a Cloud PBX enables organizations to connect employees’ desk phones to any preferable device that is being utilized. With a secure online portal that can be accessed anywhere internet access is available, employees can make changes that push calls to different phone lines, manage voicemails, and more. 

Cloud PBX takes business communications a step further by integrating a collaboration client that enables features like instant messaging, video calling, soft phone, call recording, and video conference calls. Employees can easily collaborate together like they are sitting across from each other by quickly chatting on IM or video calling. These features are even available via a mobile application that can be downloaded on your preferred device. Remote workers can quickly find contacts with presence and company directories, call or video chat with someone with one click, or take calls that come to their DID. Eliminate the fears and challenges that organizations face with the growing remote workforce with Cloud PBX. 

Cloud PBX promotes accelerated communication between all employees

Not only does a Cloud PBX benefit remote workers, it benefits your employees that are located within the walls of offices. It encourages collaboration within teams by utilizing features like file sharing, group chat, and more. They can get in touch with mobile employees quicker so they can get operational tasks completed. Your office runs more efficiently because you can eliminate communication barriers between groups. There are even advanced integrations like, door security call button, intercom, overhead paging, dedicated efax, auto attendant, time-of-day routing and more! 

Cloud PBX advancements have allowed organizations to take their business communications to the next level by offering more advanced and mobile features. It encourages collaboration within and between teams, allows for voice portability and flexibility, and enables your employees to work more efficiently – making a more profitable organization. Your sales team can build and maintain relationships with customers creating long-term trust and success. Need to transform the business communications in your organization? Contact Magna5 about Cloud PBX!

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