Proactive Maintenance is often put off because everything seems to be operating “just fine.”  But, there are many benefits of proactive managed services for your network and servers.

Most organizations are aware that, to get the most out of their network and servers, they need to be regularly monitored and maintained. But, when everything seems to be operating “just fine” with no issues, implementing proactive managed services is often put on the back burner. 

When you are proactively monitoring system health and performance logs, IT managers can identify small issues before they become problematic downtime situations. Oftentimes, organizations won’t know there is an issue within their systems until a problem occurs and they are experiencing unplanned downtime. This can leave your company at a stand-still, with employees not being able to perform needed tasks and missing deadlines, and your organization could experience lost revenue. 

Many organizations only monitor during their normal business hours – 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Sure, you’re covered for that 8-hour window, but what happens if an issue takes place in the middle of the night or on a Saturday? Your IT team won’t be alerted of the issue until they are back in the office. Then, to add to your downtime timeframe, the IT team has to troubleshoot the issue to see what the cause was and where it originated, as well as formulate a plan to get it fixed. When all is said and done, you are looking at too much downtime, and associated costs. 

Proactive monitoring and management from a managed service provider is performed 24/7/365, acting as your system’s eyes and ears. Your MSP received real-time health and performance alerts from your devices and network, acting immediately when an issue arises. Proactive managed services check for issues that could be related to anti-virus activity, backup status, firewalls, system processes, processor/ram utilization, application performance, disk space, and much more!

Proper proactive managed services of networks and servers have many benefits for customers. Some of the operational benefits are as outlined below. 

Improve productivity

Most problems will display warning signs before becoming a critical issue. Whether it is a hard drive that has completely failed, an antivirus system that hasn’t been updated in weeks, or a backup system having a more than acceptable number of failed backups. There are countless examples of unchecked performance issues that could turn into much larger problems. Proactive managed services allow organizations to prevent these unplanned issues and save associated productivity and monetary losses. You will also be able to improve performance by monitoring degrading devices and proactively performing upgrades. 

Increase the long-term reliability of systems

Proactive managed services can identify and correct small issues early on, before they turn into large system-wide problems. This increases the reliability of your internal systems and network, ensuring that you can eliminate downtime. Having high-availability of your systems will make it easier for employees to be productive, when and where they need to. 

Save money in downtime costs with a monthly-billed service

Some organizations still rely on a break/fix model. Because issues are only getting fixed after a problem has occurred, organizations can expect to run into more downtime and hefty hourly remediation costs. Downtime is very expensive; in most cases, more expensive than businesses can afford. When you eliminate downtime by proactively fixing small issues, organizations can benefit from a reliable system that saves them productivity and financial loss. Proactive managed services are billed at a monthly flat-fee, following an IT as a Utility model. Your organization will get more support, more protection, and better reliability with an extra team that can be your eyes and ears at all times. 

Proactive Managed Services can help your organization increase the productivity of your employees and long-term reliability of your network and servers, while saving financial hits to your bottom line. It’s time to stop putting your mission-critical system’s performance on the back burner. Ensure high-availability and minimal downtime with Proactive Managed Services. If you are in need of IT support, contact Magna5 today.

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