5 BENEFITSof using Magna5 Cloud Services


Business needs change quickly, and business owners need to be agile and prepared for change. Cloud UC provides the ability to scale your system needs up or down.


The ability to synchronize a soft client application with email, call forwarding, instant messaging and video conferencing, allowing users to access corporate features, like they’re working from the office, and can be installed on a laptop, mobile device or tablet.

Equips the Changing Workforce.

Cloud UC equips the millennial workforce with the real-time collaboration methods and flexibility that fosters their communication needs.

Reduce IT Pressure.

A Cloud UC Solution takes pressure off information technology and administrative staff, reduces long-term investments and increases productivity and mobility of employees.


For organizations with multiple locations, collaboration allows employees to share screens and video, bridging the divide between offices. UCC, or Unified Communications and Collaboration, brings together the different methods of business communications, such as IM, audio and video, into one robust tool.

Cloud Hosting Services and Cloud UC Systems

As an ever-increasing number of businesses move to cloud-based solutions to provide core business functions, today’s cloud hosting services and UC systems are becoming far less expensive to purchase, install and maintain than previous iterations. Magna5’s expert team will consult with your key stakeholders to analyze your needs and create a wholly customized, scalable and cost-effective cloud solution to meet your business’ needs.

Business Web Hosting Services

Magna5’s comprehensive web hosting services provide businesses with a cost-effective solution to develop and maintain a strong Internet presence, generating new leads, revenue and growth.

Everything a business needs to brand themselves on the web – from registering your domain name to website hosting and e-commerce – is available from Magna5, a single provider with the expertise to help you reach customers at all times and locations.

For businesses with basic needs, shared website hosting is a low-cost solution to establish a presence on the web. Businesses can choose one of three web-hosting plans offered by Magna5 and launch a website in virtually no time.

Cloud UC provides a highly scalable platform and is a solution that will grow with your business.


Magna5’s cloud services and hosting solutions provide organizations with access to a full suite of voice, data, and Internet solutions by leveraging the benefits of a hosted environment.

By taking advantage of cloud services, you will no longer have to worry about large up-front costs, unexpected hardware upgrades, in-house staff or technology obsolescence.

We manage the physical equipment used for cloud hosting in a state-of-the-art, secure data center, providing your company with a scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution.


Magna5’s cloud-based contact call center solution features smart automated agents that help callers feel like they are talking to a live representative.

Callers can ask our automated agents open-ended questions and receive accurate answers, ensuring a dynamic call flow as if they were talking to a live customer service agent.

From basic web hosting needs to comprehensive communication solutions, Magna5’s cloud hosting services and cloud UC solutions provide a highly-scalable platform to help grow your business.

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