Unified Communications drives your company’s mobile workforce – anytime, anywhere – and has everyone on the road to success.

Milepost 3: The New Mobile Workforce, Always on the Go

We are trucking along! We’ve reached the halfway point of our journey to modernizing your network communications. At this post, we will do a deep dive into the remote, or mobile, workforce. With all of the technology constantly being thrown at your company’s network, it is important to know how to handle all of these devices and learn how they can all tie into your network using best practices.

Mapping Out Unified Communications

We have spoken a lot about UCaaS, but let’s break it down in it most literal sense: Unified Communications is exactly that. You are unifying all channels and media of communication that are being sent and transferred from your organization. As mentioned in last weeks post, this includes chat/instant messaging, video conferencing, email, phone conferencing, voicemail, fax, and collaboration. By keeping all of these media streams in one place, you won’t lose track of any important messages because it can be tied any end device, making sure you’ve always got your bases covered.

With the ever increasing popularity in remote, and mobile workers, the name of the game has increasingly revolved around efficiency. How in the world do I accommodate all of these dynamic and mobile workers and make sure that we are able to communicate and increase productivity? Unified Communications does exactly that. Streamlining all communications will create a healthy and effective communication atmosphere with your organization. In laymen’s terms: anywhere, anytime.

A Cloud-Based Solution for the Mobile Workforce

Unified Communications is the perfect solution for today’s workforce that is always on the move. Whereas an older, on-premise PBX system essentially keeps workers chained to their desks. A cloud-based solution frees your staff for the connectivity and productivity they need, wherever and whenever they need it. Whether they’re in the war room or on a factory floor, visiting a customer’s site or even out playing golf with a prospect, your staff stays connected and productive. We are even seeing an increase now in the use powerful videoconferencing tools to host collaborative online meetings, webinars and training sessions, almost as if the person was right there in the office.

One can see where this comes in handy when you have an organization that has multiple locations across the globe and have that mobile workforce we spoke of. It can be a hassle knowing where your co-workers are, and if they are even available to speak. With Presence, you are able to peer in and check to see if that party is at a work station and available to talk. Managing remote workers has been a challenge for many organizations over the years, but the collaborative capabilities of UCaaS helps by improving interactions among workers wherever they are.

Now, all of these devices in all of these various locations can sound like a night mare to manage, but, in fact, UCaaS paves the way to implement your own successful and simple “bring your own device” guidelines and strategies. Ideally, BYOD is more than just a way to grant access to consumer devices. Smartphones and tablets offer a rich experience and make for great collaboration tools, UCaaS gives workers the ability to work together seamlessly, even when they’re working remotely.

So get that mobile workforce out on the road – with your cloud-based Unified Communications plan with Magna5 taking shape, your company is well prepared!

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