What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications (UC) is a set of products that integrates business communication services – such as instant messaging, traditional voice, audio and web conferencing, call center, data management and more – into one consistent user interface.

UC greatly improves a company’s ability to provide high levels of customer service, collaborate more efficiently, and run more smoothly – ultimately boosting profits.

For example, a UC system allows for the transmission of messages from one medium to another, such as receiving a voicemail message through email, viewing text messages via instant messaging on a computer screen, or empowering a user to perform more substantial tasks through their mobile device.

In short, UC is a set of tools that makes employees more reachable and more efficient, and ensures fluid communication across all your chosen platforms.

Why Your Business Needs UCC

UCC allows communication tools to work together seamlessly, while presence management leverages this technology to make sure that UCC users can be reached at all times. This combination of capabilities simplifies business communications to ensure the flow of communication and business operations run smoothly.

Benefits of Unified Communications Solutions

Status Indications

Anyone using the presence management platform can easily see who’s available and the best way to reach them, so that they can direct their communications accordingly.

Real-Time Contact Solutions

Presence management platforms are able to easily detect the best way to reach an individual within your unified communications system.

Better Web Conferencing Solutions

Since business owners and executives can’t always meet face to face, the UCC environment’s web conferencing solutions allow you to have in-depth meetings with clients and work associates in real time, reducing travel expenses related to in-person meetings and improving productivity.

Take Advantage of Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (IM) is among the most popular and easy-to-use methods of communicating within a business environment. Additionally, the latest versions of IM apps allow users to make phone calls from within the app, making business communication more convenient than ever.

Conference Scheduling Made Easy

Many of today’s businesses are deeply integrated with Microsoft Office-based solutions. Presence management within a UCC environment allows businesses to seamlessly schedule conferencing appointments, and manage business-specific scheduling within the Microsoft platform.

Foster Communication and Collaboration with UCC Service Solutions

When you integrate your voice, conferencing, cloud, and data capabilities, you create an environment designed for more effective and more efficient business communications. Our proven tools allow for an easier flow of communication, in addition to helping businesses to make decisions and transactions more quickly. UCC’s interconnected and streamlined system allows users to communicate in the most efficient manner possible, saving you time and money with your business communications.

Streamline Your Business Communication with our Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions.

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