Detect and protect against cyber attacks whenever and wherever they appear

Discover the weak links in your IT environment

New vulnerabilities surface daily due to defects, misconfigurations, and human error. Eliminating these potential issues is a must to avoid threat actors exploiting your critical systems. Magna5’s vulnerability scans deliver internal and external scan audits of network deices, servers, applications, databases and more, on-premises and in the cloud. These scans give the customer instant access into where IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest threats and what actions are necessary to protect critical assets. With vulnerability scans, Magna5 will continuously secure your IT infrastructure and make sure that you are compliant with internal policies and external government regulations.

Achieve best-in-class vulnerability management without the hardware, software and maintenance requirements of traditional in-house platforms. Magna5 creates a robust solution for your edge and boarder advanced threat protection by combining substantial cloud vulnerability scanning software with Magna5’s 24/7/365 Response Center.


Why Magna5 Vulnerability Scanning

Prevent compliance breaches

Prevent compliance breaches with vulnerability scans of internet exposed systems, accurate risk assessments, and verified remediation tactics.

Boost IT efficiency

Boost IT efficiency with no servers to deploy with a true software as a service (SaaS) platform and remediation prioritized by business risk.

Understand what assets are at risk

Know what assets have exploitable vulnerabilities from a hacker point-of-view with your assets organized by business value and tracking of risk analysis.

Grow your business securely

Grow your business securely by addressing new security and compliance issues as your business expands.

Best-in-class engineers

We have certified security engineers on staff that will handle the scan. They will collect the results, analyze and come up with personalized remediations.

Quarterly, Yearly or On-Demand

Vulnerability Assets is an on-demand service that can completed quarterly, yearly, on-demand or whenever your compliance standards require.


Learn about how much a data breach could cost your organization.


See how Magna5 can transform your network security.

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